Regulation pertaining to Admission through Lateral Entry/Migration from other universities


a) A student who has acquired a diploma in Engineering through a minimum of 3 years of institutional study, after 10+(Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination) can be considered to be academically equivalent to a student who has passed the first year of the 4- year Engineering degree programmes for which the qualifying examination is of the 12+ level.
b) For being eligible to seek lateral entry to engineering degree programmes at the 2ndyear level, a candidate must have passed the diploma in Engineering in the relevant branch with a minimum of 50% in the aggregate or CGPA 5.0 on a 10 point scale.


For being eligible to seek lateral entry to an Engineering degree programme at the 2ndyear level, a candidate must have passed the Degree in Science (B.Sc.), with Mathematics as a subject and with a minimum of 50% in the aggregate or CGPA 5.0 on a 10 point scale.
c) The selection of candidates will be based on the merit.
d) Bridge courses may be prescribed in order to make up deficiencies, if any, who are admitted through lateral entry.
e) The lateral entry of the candidates shall not be allowed in the first year or beyond second year.
f) Admission through lateral entry shall be allowed within the limit of 10% of the sanctioned intake of a programme.


a) Students from other Universities can seek migration to Adamas University subject to the following conditions:
i) The candidates in order to be eligible for Migration in a Programme of study at Adamas University should have scored at least 50% marks in aggregate or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0 on a ten point scale or its equivalent in the qualifying examinations.
ii) Students must be pursuing a programme in the parent University having the same entry eligibility condition as the programme in which he/she is seeking migration.
b) The syllabi of the candidate’s parent university should be at least 75% identical to that of the Adamas University. In case of deficiencies, candidates shall have to complete the bridge/additional course(s) as may be prescribed by the Equivalence Committee.
c) The score obtained by the candidates in the Programme of Study for the entry level qualifications as recommended by the Equivalence Committee for credit transfer shall be carried over for calculating the CGPA for successful completion of the Programme.
d) Improvement in score of a course unit qualified prior to admission to Adamas University shall not be permitted.
e) Candidates migrating from other universities shall submit the following documents at the time of their admission:

i) Authentic copy of the detailed syllabus, scheme of teaching and evaluation of the course of study  pursued by him at his parent University.
ii) Attested copy of statement of Marks/Grade Card of the courses completed.
iii) Attested copies of testimonials relating to basic qualifications and experience etc., which were pre-requisite for admission in his parent University.

f) The procedure for selection of candidates shall be as laid down by the Admission Committee.


An Equivalence Committee shall be constituted at the University level to recommend candidature of candidates seeking admission to Adamas University through lateral entry and migration. The composition of the Committee shall be as under:
(a) Dean Academics : Chairperson
(b) Dean of the School concerned : Member
(c) Registrar : Member
(d) Head, Admissions : Member
(e) Two Senior Faculty from the concerned area : Member (nominated by Vice Chancellor)
(f) Controller of Examinations : Member Secretary

The functions of Equivalence Committee shall be:

(a) To determine the equivalence of Degree/Diploma/Certificate or other academic distinctions of other Universities/Institutions on the basis of its Course Curricula and its examinations.
(b) To consider and determine the eligibility of candidates from other Universities/Institutions for admission under Lateral entry/Migration scheme.
(c) To map the course units already completed by the candidates in other University/ Institution, in the most appropriate Programme of Study of the University and determine the equivalent Grade point average on a ten point scale and credits, which could be transferred for the courses completed earlier. For this purpose, system of grading as prescribed for studentsfor a class of 30 or less students shall be followed by the Adamas University in the Regulations pertaining to conduct of examinations and scheme of evaluation shall be followed.
(d) To prescribe additional courses if any, required to be pursued and cleared by the candidates admitted under lateral entry/migration scheme, for fulfilment of the total credit units required as per the Course Curricula approved by the Academic council of Adamas University.
(e) To recommend the cases of Lateral Entry/Migration to the Vice Chancellor for approval.


Following conditions shall govern transfer of credits (courses) to the Adamas University for Courses studied elsewhere.
a) The course must correspond to a course offered by Adamas University or be deemed equivalent in depth and intensity.
b) Candidate must have passed the course to be considered for the purpose of transfer of credit.
c) The Equivalence Committee will formulate Grade point average on a ten point scale for the courses transferred. To calculate the same, the Committee may convert the Grades to percentage and calculate the GPA as prescribed for students for a class of 30 or less students in the Regulations pertaining to conduct of examinations, scheme of evaluation and discipline among students. In case, both letter grades and marks are mentioned on the transcript, only marks will be considered.
d) The credits transferred will be counted towards the degree requirement for the Programmeof study of the candidate.
e) GPA of transferred credits shall be counted towards the calculation of CGPA in subsequent semesters studied at Adamas University.
f) A separate Grade sheet will be issued for additional courses undertaken by the student at Adamas University for fulfilment of the total credit unit requirement for award of Degree/Diploma/ Certificate or other academic distinctions.
g) For the Semester(s) studied elsewhere, the final transcript of Adamas University will only indicate the total number of credits “Transferred/Accumulated at Adamas University” and the GPA assigned to the transferred courses.
h) “Credits Accumulated at Adamas University” refers to the credits earned by the candidate on passing the additional courses prescribed by the Equivalence Committee.
i) The accumulative credits accepted for transfer in any program shall ordinarily not exceed one-half (50%) of the total credits required to complete that particular program, in any case.
j) The candidate shall be required to only (Re)-appear in the courses prescribed by the Equivalence Committee. The Internal marks for such courses shall be calculated proportionately based on the performance in the End term examinations.


i) The Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of Equivalence Committee may on merits of an individual case may allow lateral entry/migration to a candidate in relaxation of any conditions prescribed for lateral entry/migration.
ii) Lateral Entry shall be subject to applicable adherence of guidelines issued from time to time by the UGC and other concerned statutory bodies such as the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the Bar Council of India (BCI), the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI),etc.