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About Us


At the Student Affairs Department, we are committed to fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus environment that supports the holistic development of every student. We strive to create a positive and enriching experience outside the classroom, promoting personal growth, leadership, and well-being.

Our Services

  1. Academic Support: Academic Advisors: Our dedicated team of academic advisors provides guidance on course selection, academic planning, and career pathways to ensure students make the most of their educational journey. Tutoring Services: We offer tutoring and study groups to assist students in challenging subjects and reinforce their learning.
  1. Student Counselling: Our licensed counsellors provide confidential support to students dealing with personal, academic, or emotional challenges. We encourage students to seek help and promote mental health awareness on campus.
  1. Clubs and Organizations: Joining clubs and organizations is a great way to connect with like-minded peers, develop leadership skills, and explore various interests. We have a wide range of student-led clubs catering to diverse passions.
  1. Events and Activities: The Student Affairs Department organizes exciting events and activities throughout the academic year. From cultural festivals to sports competitions, there’s always something happening on campus.

AU Clubs


Adamas University has 15 clubs which caters to the co-curricular needs of the students. The student clubs provide each student the opportunity to explore and nurture their passion alongside their regular studies and learn Teamwork and built leadership capabilities.

Briefs about Clubs:


The Club aims at encouraging students to organize music related events. Eastern, Western, Classical as well as instrument sessions are conducted throughout the year. The students enjoy collaborating with different clubs and make the campus musically magical and full of life.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Supratim Karmakar


This Club was founded on 28th November 2017, “For the student, Of the student and By the student”. In Robotics and AI society students innovate, tackle real life problems, engineer the technology. Students organize earning sessions, hands-on sessions for our members and mentor them for the future. Students work with Computer Vision and AI, designing and fabrication of PCB’s developing automation technologies and IOT technologies for different industrial purposes and much more.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rupanwita Das Mahapatra


The Dance club called “Jhankar” at Adamas University promotes cultural diversity by boosting up the morale of students and by highlighting the talent of dance and creativity. When students get tired of books and assignments, they head to Jhankar and feel relaxed by expressing themselves through language of Dance.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kasturi Mukherjee


Our club mainly focuses on mental fitness, personality development and hygiene along with physical fitness of our members. We organize many interesting and knowledgeable sessions like yoga, meditation, personal grooming, basic counselling, diet and nutrition classes etc. Crossfit members also celebrate different days related to health by arranging seminars and awareness program.

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Monisha Nath


Film and drama is nothing but a KISSA of life. Kissewala, the Film Club of Adamas University stemmed from the mutual love of Film-making and Film Appreciation. The primary aim of the club is to nurture and encourage our members’ (Students) mutual passion for films and filmmaking.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nisarga Chand


Adamas Biotechnology club is a perfect entrepreneurial platform to create opportunities among the students to implement their innovative ideas. We learn… We encourage… we create…
Adamas Biotech Club sees itself as a platform to foster a community of members with shared interests in Biotechnology. We seek to build a connection between Bio-enthusiasts and those who are actively involved in the industry.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh


Katha Kolaaj is the platform where students are encouraged to nurture their creative instincts through recitation, elocution and on stage anchoring. They participate in all the cultural activities organized by the university. So, at the end of the day we are a well bonded family sharing immensely positive energy, enthusiasm, cultural vibes and creative quest.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sreeparna Roy


The Environment Club was established in 2019 with the vision of infusing sensitivity coupled with a sense of responsibility into the future citizens. A deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for the environment is what is required in human society now. The club was renamed to “The Nature Nurturers” in August 2020. The club is working with a vision where fun-filled activities will eventually lead to an environmentally educated society following environmentally sustainable practices.

Faculty Mentor: Dr Indrani Ghosh


The Club is dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students throughout the university and make and bring next sustainable start-ups from our universe and our State. Inside club we create a learning-by-doing environment where students can cultivate their entrepreneurship skills.

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Soodipa Chakroborty


The society is Digitally contaminated and only Books can help young mind to imagine and create new things. At the Inklings, our aim is to inculcate the love for reading in young souls. We end eavour to bring literary texts to life through debates, discussions, and presentations.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Samhita Sanyal


The CSR club aims to create awareness and emotionally sensitize students towards the underprivileged part of the society. The Club realizes that community service is one of the essential elements of true education. The main purpose of the club is to cultivate a spirit of social entrepreneurship among students through which they will learn to embrace responsibility to the community and the society.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Moumita Das


This club deals with drawings and paintings. Photography is a matter of interest for many students and Many workshops on paintings and photography are done on a regular basis to motivate the spirit of the members.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Prantik Banerjee


The club deals with teaching the basic coding ideas to all the University students. In today’s world coding is a basic knowledge component which is required for all walks of life.

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Sayantan Singha Roy


This club deals with recycling waste and disposable materials into utilizable articles supporting sustainable development goals.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Muhammed Zubair


This club helps to imbibe awareness among the students of the University about their constitutional rights and voting powers. A number of workshops and awareness campaigns are designed to articulate the club activities.

Faculty Mentor: Dr Pallavi Sinha Das


  • Community Engagement: We believe in giving back to the community. Students have the opportunity to participate in community service initiatives, making a positive impact beyond the university grounds.
  • Health and Wellness: Student well-being is our priority. We offer resources and workshops on physical and mental wellness, encouraging students to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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