M.Pharm (Pharmacology)

Program Description
M. Pharm (Pharmacology) is a 2-year post-graduate program to provide the knowledge about how drugs act on biological systems and how the body responds to the drug.  This program caters in-depth knowledge on handling various equipment and developing animal models for screening, the molecular and cellular mechanism of action, deficiency and excess release related endocrine disorders, alternative methods for animal toxicity testing employed in drug discovery and development, and various targets for drug discovery, various lead-seeking methods and lead optimization, designing different protocols, regulations and ethical requirements for the usage of experimental animals.

B. Pharm degree examination of an Indian University established by law in India from an institution approved by Pharmacy Council of India and has scored not less than 55% of the maximum marks (aggregate of four years of B. Pharm)

Duration of Program: 2 years

PO's (Program Outcomes)
PO1: Students will acquire comprehension knowledge and basic principles of the screening techniques and advanced knowledge on the molecular basis of mechanism of action of drugs.

PO2: Students will utilize skills for designing appropriate protocol for preclinical screening of diverse compounds and analysing them for suitability in clinical management of disorders.

PO3: Students will develop the ability to utilise the principles of scientific enquiry and outline critically appraise the principal steps involved in advancement of Pharmacology.

PO4: Students will learn and apply appropriate modern tools and techniques, and efficient utilization of resources, and software for overcoming the limitations of conventional practices.

PO5: Students will acquired the ability to document all the research outcomes in the form of reports for communicating effectively to journals, proceedings or conferences for sharing their experience with other scientific fraternity.

PO6: Students will demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate and solve the problems associated with pre-clinical pharmacology & toxicology.

PO7: Students will honor personal values and apply ethical values in professional and social context and demonstrate high degree of professional, ethical and legal manners, conforming to all national, state and local rules and regulations related to pharmacy.

PO8: Students will develop and apply skills for time management and utilization of resources and implement them to complete the task to meet deadlines.

PO9: Students will inculcate leadership abilities for competent team-centric approaches to improve and facilitate the health and well-being of society.

PO10: Students will understand the impact of the professional pharmacy solution in societal and environmental perspectives, and demonstrate the knowledge for sustainable development.

PO11: Students will recognize the need to develop independent ideas to solve the community issues and critically review the outcomes for further interest.

PO12: Students will understand the importance of attending the participation in scientific seminars/ conferences/workshops for life-long learning.

PEO's (Program Educational Outcomes)

PEO1: To make available a complete applied pharmaceutical education leading to M. Pharm. Degree in Pharmacology.

PEO2: To instruct the detailed concept of advanced pharmacology, pre-clinical pharmacology, molecular pharmacology, and toxicology along with clinical applications of drugs.

PEO3: To impart the basic knowledge of safety/toxicity and its management along with the principles of bioassay of different drugs.

PEO4: To inculcate skills for assortment of different experimental models in order to screen different pharmacological agents along with several regulatory ethical guidelines concerned with it.

PEO5: To cultivate the skills related to signaling concepts of drugs with special attention given to endogenous bioactive molecules, and their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics profile.

PEO6: To deliver a strong foundation regarding pharmacology and molecular pharmacology which would be a framework for future pharmacological approaches to a specific problem in the field of drug development.

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