More than 30,000 students have applied this year for admission in Adamas University

RICE Education has a legacy of over 30 years in the field of competitive examination, especially for Government sector jobs. RICE Education has helped more than 2 Lakh students get Government jobs at both state and national level and more than 50 Thousand students get corporate level jobs. The key figure behind this staggering success of both RICE Education and that of the students, is the Chancellor of Adamas University, Prof. Samit Ray. Prof. Ray’s vast experience in helping transform students into success stories forms the pillar on which Adamas University stands. Therefore at Adamas University students get the unique opportunity of not only pursuing excellence in their chosen degree field, but also gain crucial insight and training about getting jobs at Government and Corporate level. University curriculum is designed in a way that it helps students get trained for competitive examinations for jobs. Students also get concentrated training for Government jobs with the help of special seminars and workshops by experts. Careful and meticulous planning has gone into designing curriculum in every stream that offers students the best of both worlds and lays the roadmap that offers students the best chance of preparing themselves for jobs. 18 year old students who embark on their higher education journey with this mindset and receive such training would undoubtedly taste success and achieve their ambition in life.

School of Study - School of Engineering & Technology

Career Design

Recent survey shows that in the last 5 years, Bank and Financial Institutions have hired almost 80% candidates with B.Tech qualification. At Adamas University, students benefit from RICE Education’s 30 years worth of expertise and success story and get prepared for such jobs.
IAS/IPS: In the last published report, almost 25% of successful candidates were from IIT and in the last 5 years among candidates who have secured good government jobs, almost 80 % are B.Tech students. At Adamas University, B.Tech students get trained by its School of Professional students in parallel.
Indian Engineering and Indian Railway Service – The training for these examinations start whilsts our students are studying for their B.Tech qualification.
Jobs are IT companies such as TCS and Infosys. Besides helping students to get jobs with top IT companies, University offices have been setup in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai to help with finding jobs in Core Manufacturing Sector
Core Engineering jobs in Core Manufacturing sector

School of Study - School of Management

Career Design

In today’s fast changing world, digital technology plays a defining role as the world gets more and more dependent on it. The world of business is not an exception to this and at Adamas University, the School of Management has designed its curriculum to include such relevant learning that puts management learning within a context of the digital age. The School offers Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Students can specialise with Marketing, Finance, and HR. For both these courses, the school arranges for Internship experience so that students learn better by putting theory in to action and experiencing the practical application of theoretical understanding. The School also helps with the Placement process of its students. Apart from these courses, the School of Management also offers PhD qualification for students seeking an academic career path.

School of Study - School of Law and Justice

Career Design

Legal cases are on the rise; also on the rise are pending cases. With economic advancement comes legal conflict and in such a context, the need for legal professionals is growing day by day. At Adamas University, besides studying pursuing a law degree, students get trained for appearing in Judiciary examinations which can help them in becoming Judge in future. Faculty members are from the legal profession, highly qualified and meritorious. The school provides separate training to students for becoming Corporate Lawyers. In the growing age of cyber-crimes, the School of Law and Justice offers students the opportunity to become Cyber Lawyers and for that the University provides the cutting edge infrastructure for students to study modern technologies along with their legal studies. The University is among 1 or 2 other Universities in India to offer training in Forensic Science. Using the University’s modern forensic lab, students are taught by both State and Central Government professors from the Forensic Science department.

School of Study - School of Science

Career Design

The School of Science offers a range of subject areas on which students can pursue excellence with BSc, MSc, PhD and Diploma courses. Students can pursue career in teaching at both School and University level. The training required to clear exams such as NET, SLATE, SSC, etc is available from the University itself. Students starting at 18 years of age can get trained for clearing SSC, NET, IAS, WBCS examinations right from the start at the University which will maximise their chances of success. The University provides the necessary training and career counselling for helping students get ready for Corporate Sector Jobs. The School offers job ready niche area courses such Diploma in Geoinformatics. Students studying certain streams can also aim for Forest Department jobs.

School of Study - School of Social Science

Career Design

The School offers a range of diverse and dynamic subject areas, all of which are job focussed. All subjects can be pursued for higher students and research. There is a demand for faculty members in these subjects at both Schools and Universities. English, Bengali and Mass Communication and Journalism students can find potential careers at News Companies, Media Houses, Publication Houses. Journalism students can get opportunities as Public Relation Officer in both Public and Private sector. The field of Sociology and Political Science is witnessing increased opportunity in a variety of sectors. Students can also aim for UPSC, WBCS, SSC, NET, Bank and a range of other central and state government jobs, the training for which will start from Day 1 at Adamas University.

School of Study - School of Biotechnology

Career Design

Many say that the future of science is hidden with the field of Biotechnology as new horizons are being claimed by this stream of study. With it, the scope for research and jobs are also increasing. In parallel, students will have the opportunity for pursuing a career of service to the nation by aiming for IAS, IPS, WBCS or other examinations. At Adamas University, besides highly qualified faculty members, students also get guided by acclaimed researchers and scientists. The School focuses on a practical approach and trains students with the help ultra-modern and best-in-class labs and infrastructure.

School of Study - School of Economics and Commerce

Career Design

The field of Economics gives students an advantage in pursuing careers in higher education, research, government or private sector jobs. Especially Civil Services exams in certain cases favours Economics students. The training for the entire range of such exam can be availed at the University from the very first. The scope for jobs for Economics students have increased and are currently manifold. With the rise in economy and globalisation, the need for capable Economics professionals is increasing. This learning and training is provided by Adamas University.

School of Study - School of Pharmaceutical Technology

Career Design

The demand for Pharmacy courses is increasing. The number of qualified Pharmacists does meet the increased demand. Owing to the rise in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies this demand will further increase in coming years. At Adamas University such career friendly stream is offered via its D.Pharm and B.Pharm degree programmes. Students benefit not only from experienced and acclaimed faculty members but also modernised and state-of-the-art lab facilities.

School of Study - School of Education

Career Design

One can study B.Ed or D.El.Ed. from Adamas University if they have more than 50% marks at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. At the end of this course students can apply for jobs at schools. Students are trained at the Adamas University so that they are best equipped for such roles in schools, especially students get concentrated training for school service based examinations not only within West Bengal but also for other states. The School offers research facilities as well.

School of Study - School of Professional Studies

Career Design

For the first in Bengal and in India, a full-fledged School of Professional Studies has been setup under a Dean of an University. Concurrently with degree studies, the School offers career preparatory classes from 6:30am till 9:30am in the morning and 6pm till 8:30pm in the evening every Saturday and Sunday. These classes are for preparing students in the following areas:

Staff Selection Commission
Public Service Commission
Railway Recruitment Board
Indian Engineering Services
Indian Economic Services
TCS iON Programme
ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountant

In today’s world, only studying degree programmes will not be enough. Students would need to train and prepare for competitive examinations to be successful at government or private sector. To make a mark in a professional space, students would need to get trained in Communicative English, Group Discussion, Presentation Skills, Personality Development. This special training by experienced faculty members is the speciality of this School. This kind of preparation cannot be done by studying books. One has to go through specialized course design that includes systematic test environment such as class tests, weekly tests, mock tests, etc. The constant test and feedback from faculty members will help student achieve success at difficult competitive examinations. Students also find the library facilities at the University very helpful for this process.

Did you know?

  • Adamas University accepts Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) board marks for admission process.
  • Parents of class 12 students should visit Universities to witness and assess infrastructure and lab facilities. They should also speak to with the renowned Professors to make the best choice for their children.
  • Parents should not get swayed by fancy statements and advertorials relating to placement. Rather, they should analyse the success of the group that created Adamas University and each of the educational institution that they have established over the last 4 decades and the success that each one of them has achieved.
  • Parents should also enquire about the academic background of University lecturers and professors to ensure that their child is with the best minds.

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