Alumni - Get Involved

Our alumni maintain their ties to each other and Adamas University in many different ways. Your involvement may be as simple as attending an event. Or, you may decide to mentor a student of Adamas University or join the executive team of an Alumni Group. Others serve as Alumni Regional Contacts in their areas. The opportunities for engagement are endless, please contact us to find out more.

Adamas University Alumni Groups

Adamas University graduates maintain their connection with the university and each other by creating and participating in Alumni Groups in cities in India and around the world. The alumni for each Alumni Group are volunteers who organize social activities, professional networking opportunities and much more for alumni.

Adamas University Alumni Ambassadors

The Alumni Ambassador program is a network of alumni located anywhere, who serve as ambassadors in their specific regions. An Alumni Ambassador is an Adamas University graduate who will positively promote Adamas University to potential students and their parents; represent Adamas University at various local functions.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Adamas University Alumni Ambassador:

To act as a liaison between Alumni in your region and Adamas University Alumni Relations Office by:Assisting Alumni Relations Office with events they host in your region. Assisting with alumni events such as group meetings and social events connecting with/sending emails to alumni in their region.

Promote Adamas University by if requested by Alumni Relations Office, meet or speak informally with prospective students in your area about your Adamas University student experienceBeing a social media ambassador for the region, if requested by Alumni Relations Office. Represent Adamas University at local functions such as:Events in your area upon request from Alumni Relations Office. Be involved with social activities if possible.Serve as a point of contact. Represent Adamas University at local functions such as, for alumni who may be traveling/moving/or living in the area.

For Adamas University administrators, faculty, staff, students visiting your regionSharing your Adamas University experiences with potential students in a manner that is in line with Adamas University’s goals and mission.Respond to requests by Alumni Relations Office by email, phone, or in-person casual meetings to share your Adamas University experience and your career path.

Adamas University Alumni Relations Office will:

Represent Adamas University at local functions such as, gather Alumni Ambassador applications, review them, and contact the alumni regarding the status of their application.Will publish the Alumni Ambassadors name, program and contact info on the Alumni Ambassadors Webpage and on Alumni Relations Social Media.Let the Alumni Ambassadors know how many alumni live within their region, and work with them to connect with those alumni.Connect the Alumni Ambassadors with resources, and contacts regarding Admissions and Recruitment activities in their region, when appropriate.

Let the Alumni Ambassadors know of any Adamas University activities/initiatives/news within their region. Identify and recruit Alumni Ambassadors for regions which relate to student recruitment efforts and other opportunities.


You’ve graduated, but that doesn’t mean that your connection with Adamas University ends. As an Adamas University graduate, there are a number of meaningful ways you can contribute that will benefit you, Adamas University and our students.

  • Stay informed by joining us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and share our news with your friends.
  • Attend an Alumni Event in your area and invite fellow graduates to come.
  • Pitch a Story for Adamas University Magazine or Adamas University Connection E-Newsletter.
  • Mentor a Student at Adamas University through a Mentoring Program.
  • Nominate a Graduate for an Alumni Achievement Award.
    Support current students through a Gift to the Adamas University Fund.
  • Build your personal and professional Network by joining an Alumni Group.
  • Hire a Student through Adamas University Career Development Cell.
  • Share your Expertise with Alumni and/or students as a Guest Speaker or Alumni Blogger.
  • Share your accomplishments and news by submitting a Class Note.
  • Help orient a fellow graduate to your town as an Alumni Ambassador.
  • Get your friends together for a class Reunion.


How to Plan a Reunion?

Get started in three easy steps!

Contact Us. We’ll help you get in touch with your class.
Invite your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, phone or mail.
Choose your itinerary. Review the schedule with us and invite your friends to sign up for the tours, sessions and receptions.