Hostel and Food


Adamas Knowledge City that houses Adamas University has been built with a vision in mind that it will be an education hub where faculty and students would live in one campus to pursue excellence in learning, teaching and research.

Adamas University provides its student with comfort and ease of living in campus with its flexible hostel room offerings. You can choose between AC and non-AC, or choose a 3 bed room or 2 bed room or a single room. All rooms are well furnished and ready with necessities that students require. There is something to suit everyone.

There are separate hostels for boys and girls, each supervised by a responsible hostel warden and their team to ensure smooth operations of the hostels and comfort of the students.

All hostels are Wi-Fi enabled so students can do their research and studies at all times. We take care to ensure that student find Adamas University to be their home away from home.


The spacious and airy canteen caters to both students and faculty where they often have their food together. Nutritious food is served for breakfast, lunch, high tea and supper.
Menu for each week is decided by the Executive Chef along with the Hostel Administrative body.

Care is taken to ensure that students are not only being served with food full of the nutrition that they need but also get students used to various kinds of cuisines to help them adapt to different cultures and countries for their future life.

There is also a CCD Epress in campus for students to enjoy.