Adamas Advantage & Students

Today we are living at an era of uncertainty. Change is happening at a disorienting space. Rapid technological advancements are transforming the nature of work and employment. In this era of globalization, the boundaries are fast disappearing, distances are shortening – this makes it essential for budding employees to have an all-round perspective of any situation. We do not know the jobs of 2030 !

However, Adamas University takes up the responsibility of training the students to shape up for the changing contours of today’s business world.

We provide meaningful education.

  • University cultivates creative worker and global citizen to sustain at a time of enormous uncertainty
  • A creator of new and innovative products for industrial and national needs
  • Compulsory professional coaching every week
  • Tie-ups with professional organizations for certificate courses in finance, technology and management
  • Early adoption of managerial skills and latest technical expertise through the ‘centre of excellences’ and ‘innovation parks’
  • A university that seeks international collaborations leading to exchange of students and faculty and joint degree programmes

Our students are hardworking, loyal, practical oriented and effective in any work environment. We have designed our syllabus to strike a balance between professional knowledge and personal skills. We are confident that our students will match the level or expectations of the corporate world.