Adamas University Grant of Scholarship Regulations, 2019

These Regulations will be known as Adamas University Grant of Scholarship Regulations, 2019 and will be effective from the date of notification by the University.

1. Preamble

Adamas University has been and will pursue excellence as its core theme of imparting education. In order to encourage excellence in the academic performance of students, the University will award scholarship for meritorious students. Moreover, socio-economic conditions sometimes put hurdles on the meritorious students who belong to the financially weaker section of the Society. Thus, the policy of the University will be to encourage merit and also to facilitate meritorious students who are handicapped by limited financial means. Award of scholarship will thus be made under two categories viz.

a. Merit Scholarship
b. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship

2. Merit Scholarship

Scholarship will be awarded course wise to meritorious students on the basis of their performance in each Semester. Award of scholarship will start from Second Semester till last Semester on the basis of performance in the previous Semester. There may be maximum of three numbers of Scholarship of amount Rs.25000/-, Rs.10000/- and Rs.10000/- for the topper, the second best topper and the third best topper respectively in a batch having more than 20 students. If the number of students is <=20 but more than 10, then the Scholarship will be restricted to the amount of Rs.25000/- and Rs.10000/- for the topper and the second best topper. When the number of students is <=10 then the Scholarship will be restricted to the amount of Rs.25000/- only for the topper. However, the amount of scholarship may vary from time to time at the discretion of the management.

The students securing CGPA 8.5 and above only will be eligible for award of Scholarship and the awardees will be selected from these category of students.

3. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship

A student scoring marks 60% or above or CGPA 6.5 and above with total income of the family not exceeding Rs.3.0 Lakh per year may apply for free studentship for grant of concession in tuition fee. The number of full free and half free studentship for a course will be restricted to 5% for full free studentship and 10% for half free studentship. The final selection will be on the basis of merit i.e. marks/CGPA scored in the entry level examinations for the first semester students and in the Adamas University examinations for second semester students till last semester.

4. General conditions

a. Students not fulfilling required percentage of attendance in the classes will not be eligible for award of any Scholarship.
b. Students having proven disciplinary charges will not be eligible for award of any Scholarship.
c. Students having backlog in any paper in any Semester will not be eligible for award of any Scholarship.
d. A student will not be granted the University Scholarship or free studentship if he/she chooses any concession in tuition fee or Scholarship from any other sources.
e. Beneficiaries of free studentship (full or half) granted in a Semester must secure CGPA 6.5 or more to continue with the concession in tuition fee for subsequent Semester.
f. For the purpose of Merit-cum-Means Scholarship, the persons competent to issue Income Certificate will be
i. Any Government Officer not below the rank of Joint BDO in case of rural areas.

ii. Executive Officer in case of Municipality.
iii. Deputy Commissioner in case of Corporation.