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Geographic Information System is an integrated framework for storing, retrieving, analysing, displaying geographic data. Therefore, it is a system to process geographic data from input to display but at the same point of time; we can retrieve both input and output data as per our requirement. The speciality of GIS is to bring space or earth features into analysis or visualisation. There are six major components of GIS. They are as follows

  • Hardware: A basic hardware component is necessary for GIS analysis.
  • Software: GIS software helps in the smooth functioning of all GIS activities.
  • Data: Data works as input for GIS.
  • People: People is the end-user as well as producer of GIS product.
  • Procedure: GIS requires a standardised procedure for implementation.
  • Network: Sharing of the digital information

Applications of GIS

GIS has now become ubiquitous. It is now being used in almost all areas of life. GIS is used from rudimentary map-making (Cartography), in environmental issues, education, health sector, transport, real state, smart city development, tourism, to name a few. GIS has also associated the Internet of things (IoT), automation and robotics. In present days, GIS is helping to combat COVID 19 with identification of hots spots in affected areas. So within these myriad applications, comes different opportunities to work in the domain GIS. Many of the business houses now operate based on core and allied functionalities of GIS. Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI), Hexagon Geospatial, Pitney Bowes, Blue Marble, General Electric, Golden Software are the major software producing companies of the world. As the resources are becoming scarce day by day, allocation, monitoring, and decision making require the application of Geographical Information System than ever before. So GIS has become a vital skill-oriented domain under Geography and Geoscience.

Opportunities in GIS career

As GIS is used as a framework and tools for the solution of multifaceted real-world problems, it has become a pivotal point for different public and private organisations to sink in. Public organisations like ISRO, NATMO, PWD, Ministry of Environment and Forest and (MoEF) many others organisations of both central and state governments now recruit persons with high-end GIS aptitude, apart from a large number os private organisations also employ GIS professionals. Organisation like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, Map My India and many other organisations, both onshore and offshore employs GIS professionals with various level of skills. For these reasons, students and professionals with and technical knowledge GIS can quickly enter into the job market.


As we are entering into Industrial Revolution 4.0, knowledge and applications of GIS is going to be even more crucial. Because as the world is moving towards automation, location-based service is the future for organisations. So the knowledge and skills of GIS is the need of the hour for future students and professionals of present times. 

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