Career Development Process

1. Registering the students at the beginning of session to career services. Updating students’ information with necessary documents, their skill sets and interests.

2. Collecting student’s profile to study, understand their interest strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly guide students whether they should go for jobs, higher studies, appear for GATE, NET or RICE trainings for careers in government etc. Involve professionals for assessing students – evaluation, mock interviews etc.

3. Reaching out to corporates to organize professional training on advanced topics in areas of finance, technology and management. We are also organizing training to develop communication / presentation skills and personality development.

4. Assessing students to measure their abilities, data interpretation and problem solving skills and helping them to identify development needs in advance. Students go through counselling session to profile their strengths and weaknesses at the dawn of his, her professional career.

5. Contacting corporates for internships and PPOs. Inviting them to our campus to meet students and know about university.