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Career prospect of B.Sc.(H) Statistics & Data Analytics

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Career prospect of B.Sc.(H) Statistics & Data Analytics

In student’s life at 10+2 or Higher Secondary is like a turning point. ‘What is after 10+2 or Higher Secondary?’ is the common question among the age group of students studying in 10+2 standard. Each year this question hit lakhs of students not only India but around the globe. The confusion overcomes among them concerning career prospects, job opportunities as well as their passions. Interests, motivation, and goals are prime factors students must consider while choosing a programme from the range of programme available in India to pursue after 10+2. Many counselors say that the lack of proper information about the programmes available in India and their career prospects. Which is somehow responsible for the confusion amongst the student. To build a good career and for prosperous life style, one must well planned and prepared at this moment. Students from science background in 10+2 with Mathematics are mostly choosing a programme from top domains including Engineering, Architecture, Applied Science, Business Studies, Design, Law, Economics, Media, Management, and Social Sciences, and many more. In our experience of teaching career more than a decade, it has been observed that a large number of students are being stuck in confusing mode after taking admission in a particular programme. After admission they still looking for a better opportunities and not having faith in the present programme. It has been also observed that most parents as well as students like to choose such programmes most that have large job prospects. Now a days also some programmes are still having more demanding among the students of 10+2. But in recent time some new field of study in undergraduate and post graduate programmes have been come in light from last few years. Data science is one among those programmes. Worldwide the demand of data scientists is increasing day by day. Most of we have not much clear idea about data science. Frequently peoples ask these two questions:

  • What is Data Science? and Why to Learn Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field. It is a combination of mathematics, statistics, computer science, business intelligence, and machine learning techniques.  It help us in finding out the hidden configurations from raw data, which may be useful for big business decisions. In data science, both types of data such as structured and unstructured data can be used. Data science may help to predict the trends based on historical data which can be useful for present decisions as well as to finding patterns for predictions to see what effects may look like in the future. Data analytics is a part of data science. Apart from analytics, data science also contains of other sub-disciplines such as machine learning and data mining. The following diagram (Fig1) may help us to understand the scenario,[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Data Science is beneficial to banking sectors, insurance companies, software and manufacturing companies, educational sector, political scenario, social workers etc. For this reason in present scenario data science is so demanding area where students from higher secondary with   mathematics or statistics may plan to build their career.

With the amount of data that is being produced and the development in the area of analytics, data science has become a necessity for every companies/ industries. To make most out of their data, different companies from all fields, such as Marketing, Retail, Finance, Information Technology (IT) or Banking are looking for data scientists. This make a huge demand for data scientists all over the globe. As IBM is declaring it as trending job of 21st century and based on the salary, it is surely a lucrative job for many.

  • Career Prospects

Data science professionals are often engaged in many IT firms, Technological firms, Business firms, Consultancies, Different industries, Research & Development firms etc. The list of job roles available in several industries within the field of Data Science. Some of the expertise are as follows

 (i) Data Scientist: Data Scientist is one of the principal analytics part of big data. They mainly involved in indulgent and exploring data patterns to analyze the impact on businesses.

(ii) Data Engineer: Software engineers majorly eligible for this job role, who are basically involved in the non-analytical part of analysis of big data. Work role for data engineers is more focused on coding, cleaning up data sets, and implementing suggestions and data solutions that come from data scientists.

(iii)  Business Intelligence Professional: The job role of business intelligence professional is involved in the market study of various structured and unstructured data and generates reports to analyze the business trends.

 (iv) Data Manager: Data Manager mainly involved in the process of organizing of structured data and management of unstructured data. They also accountable for building the structure and database systems that encounter the needs of research and data science teams for the information assembled.

(v)  Data Analyst: Data Analyst work with Structured Query Language (SQL) databases, Excel, and other software to analyse numerous categories of data. Then they prepare reports based on that analysis which is to be used to create solutions and make strategic decisions.

Beside these job roles data science has other career openings in different industries as well as educational sectors across the India and abroad.

  • Data Analyst Scenario in Indian Job market

After successfully completion of this undergraduate programme student may expect their salary to start from Rs.5 lakh per annum, which is attractive as a fresher.  In India salary varies from city to city and work experience. A graphical representation given below shows the expected growth of salaries in different year of experience.

  • How to study?

Basic Eligibility: Students of 10+2 or higher secondary with Mathematics or Statistics as a compulsory subject are eligible to apply for this programme.

Institutions to study

In India undergraduate programme in data science is offers by some universities/colleges in different state including West Bengal. Department of Mathematics, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Adamas University, Kolkata is running this programme from session 2019-2020.

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