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COVID-19 Pandemic: A Process of Environmental Purification

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COVID-19 Pandemic: A Process of Environmental Purification

The Beginning

These are dark times; there is no denying. We have faced no such more significant threats as we do now. The world that we have built for us is shattering day by day. We are only left to think about what have done to this world! This coronavirus pandemic can be coined as the most intelligent virus ever to attack the human race. As we see, the very first outbreak in Wuhan China, which was abruptly recorded in December 2019, was way different than how it affects Italy, Spain and USA.

The Biggest Challenge in Human History

If we think clearly, we can be startled by the magnitude of power, the virus has and the way it can manifest. Within a month, it has locked almost every person on earth, inside their house. The gradual dwindling of the world economy and the production has not only putting us to accept the biggest challenge in human history, but also to understand a few things. Well! There is a lot of controversy regarding the outbreak of this virus, which, personally, I think, will never be solved, and the issue will go down in history.

The Fear of the Uncertainty

The reason for the outbreak is definitely humans, and the penalty of the shenanigan that we have done we are paying what we have to. Every day the number of cases is increasing, the death toll is rising, but most people are panicking. We hear it every day that the mortality rate of this disease is meager compared to Ebola, SARS, MERS, then why we fear it so much? The reason probably is because we have to fight a war of uncertainty. We do not know about the correct weapon that must be used to, neither the complete behavioral attributes of this unsung virus. We fear the uncertainty more than the transmission of the virus. However, the scenario is different in each country, but the silver lining is the same.   

 Save Our Planet

It is said even in the darkest hour; you can find light; all you need to do is to turn on the light. We read it everywhere in a specific column that we MUST SAVE OUR PLANET. But, is it really, can we save our planet? Or we need to protect our home? The connotation needs correction perhaps that is what this pandemic is teaching us. Our world has survived with dinosaurs and megalodon, and it will survive with or without us. So, we must protect our home. As we are all quarantined and left with time, I did a bit of thinking. Are we a blessing or a threat to the world?

 Environmental Impacts

Since the beginning of the quarantine period, I have been following particular news, that

  • The ozone layer of earth is healing after thirty-something years. Right before I was appalled by the report that the polar bears are practicing cannibalism as they are failing to hunt due to the high rise of temperature ever recorded in the Arctic zone.
  • To make our country look shiner, a few measures were taken to clean the water of Yamuna. Surprisingly, due to the absence of human interaction, the river Yamuna has regained her former glory.
  • The water of Rishikesh is said to have become clean enough to consume. I do not think I need to assert my saying here anymore.
  • The sky appears bluer every day, and the animals loiter freely across the road with no concern.
  • The dolphins are back swimming merrily in the canals of Italy.
  • Endangered sea turtles lay eggs on beaches in Brazil and India.

It seems like the harmony of flora and fauna is back for the partial absence of only species. Is it not a lesson enough for us? Or we are failing to see the predicament of a human being.

The ray of hope

Considering what history has taught us, that after every hundred years, an inevitable pandemic hits the human race to bring the world at its equilibrium, but this 2020 pandemic is a little different from the previous pandemic ever recorded. I am thinking clearly; this 2020 pandemic will be remembered for long after its retrieval. Apart from the fact that somehow the reset button has been pressed and the earth is renewing and rejuvenating, I see the ray of hope somewhere. Unknowingly the world has learned to overcome the barriers of politics, religion, and every sort of binaries to be one. To live as a one, then I wonder what we fought for earlier.

Lessons we are learning

Although we all are house arrested, standing close like never before with each other. Countries are standing for each other, just like our family. Also, there are a few specific lessons we are learning. These are,

  • We as humans aim for the high, and somehow the act of gluttony has become our natural self, but this coronavirus pandemic is educating us to be moderate.
  • Now, the need of doctors and nurse have become inevitable than a football star.
  • We are getting to know to get our things done, with no help at all.
  • The oils and gases are a waste without consumption.
  • And last but not least, Sustainable farming must be a compulsory course.

A Testimony of life

As the storm comes and leaves, so will this COVID-19. We will all be reuniting one day celebrating our victory. Maybe that day isn’t too far, but the lesson we are learning must not be forgotten. I can firmly say, and so can you, if you all think clearly, you will believe that once the coronavirus pandemic ends, the world will be at peace, merrier than ever. If we are determined to follow the lesson we are leaning, it will be a testimony of life.

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