Covid-19 changing everything in the world in general and India in particular. All local Government and Central government are encouraging rather directing people to stay at home and stay safe.  WHO official body’s statement _ The coronavirus outbreak is a ‘real threat to everyone on the planet.’ At this critical juncture economic is at the crossroad affecting across sectors and all functional areas of management. The whole world will quickly see the real-life impact on people’s lives as well as the economy.  Mobile is now the dominant way for people to communicate, to shop and all-purpose in a modern digital economy. Marketers and different brands trying to acquire consumer in response to COVID -19.


Sectors like organized Retail make avenues to sell their product through online, as because consumers will avoid shopping in the store because of social distancing. Big Bazaar has announced that its doorstep delivery services will remain open in various parts of the country during India’s 21-day lockdown. The services will be available in Mumbai, along with Delhi NCR, some parts of Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Punjab.

Most of the company while trying to reduce their work force, others started to be cutting the salary the same time as the black cloud has its silver lining, on the other hand E- Big basket ramps up hiring process for delivery and warehouse staff for providing customers  fast and smooth deliveries by providing employment to people in need.

The e-grocer has been witnessing heavy demand since the nation has entered a 21-day lock down, as announced by the Prime Minister on March 22, to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Though online delivery services have been exempted from lockdown by the government to ensure a smooth supply of essential items, e-tailers have faced disruptions in the form of supply and workers shortage. At the same time we should not forget that the outbreak of coronavirus has cast its spell on daily wage workers, as they are left empty handed with no jobs and money.

Flipkart ties up with Uber for delivery of essentials commodities to tits consumers. Uber India and South Asia director operations and Head of cities Prabhjeet Singh said the partnership with Flipkart went live making it the third such partnership in India after Spencer’s retail and Big basket.

Selling of product online, virtual gaming products, and rise in social media marketing will no doubt increase digital marketing for all sectors to rich to their prospects with ROI. No doubt social media marketing will help digital marketing to the next step in this critical juncture. As people are staying at home, no traveling, physical fitness is the concern where the gyms are closed, same time demand for organic product have more demand in digital marketing. 

When people stay at home and order online their requirements same time news on the other hand is way up. In fact, spending by news and information media agencies and information companies jumped over during lock down period. People don’t just want to know what’s going on with COVID-19 or coronavirus, they need to know. No doubt news organizations are capitalizing on that opportunities.


AT the same time sectors will suffered a lot is tourism and travel industry, airlines, and hotel industries.  The marketplaces becoming a mixed bag. There is some growth, and some drop off which is normal to business. The problem is that if you’re selling real goods to other people, there needs to be an actual physical hand-over at some point. Getting to a shipping office is harder, and meeting in person is also harder. The same is true of the health and fitness category, and financial services. As far as finance is concerned, investments become uncertain, but there’s no clear option but to hold and wait for the post-virus uptick.

Marketers need to make decision fast:

Marketing Intelligence system need to make decisions fast and get quick insights into complete value additions in such kind of Pandemic situation. Advanced Marketing analytics should plan and make it easily accessible and actionable. Change is inevitable: Looking to the Future: It is not the end of such situations it is the beginning. Marketers to note that the coronavirus pandemic is much more than digital marketing industry. It’s about real lives being lost, physical suffering, and massive daily disruption in literally billions of peoples’ lives. Our hearts go out to all those impacted. We’re working from our homes right now to minimize the spread and flatten the curve.

Ultimately this time of great challenge will likely lead to significant change in how we work, how we socialize, how we entertain, how we shop, and how we live in general. Setting up our clients for success now and in this still-uncertain future is a top priority. The very priority, however, is doing what we can to help all of us get through this pandemic safely.

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