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From E-learning to M-Learning : The transformation


From E-learning to M-Learning : The transformation


Mobilelearning, also referred to as M-learning is actuallya newmethod toaccesslearningcontentusingmobiles.Mobilelearning supportswith the help of assistive  mobiledevices, continuous| access tothelearning process. Previously it was done  using deviceslikelaptop but now mobile phone has become more handy.Youare able todiscover and understandwhenever and wherever one wants. With theadventofmobilelearning, systems things have  changing rapidly.

Transformation of e-learning system Nowadays, with rapid advancements in technology, e-learning has rapidly become the new norm. E-learning was developed  to adapt to our growing web-based presence. But as that online presence itself  begins to shift to  mobile and the online learning |is actually keeping up  with the latest trends of e-learning. Mobile education, however| is actually designed especially for users who are  on the go and are not connected to a single computer/laptop. As mobile devices become the dominant one specially in COVID-19 era,  the manner in which we access the web , m-learning plays a a crucial role in the online learning sphere. M-learning is necessarily going to replace e-learning .However some contents still needs e-learning, as it may be too complicated for a mobile  platform. Instead it is likely to supplement m-learning. It will help in actually getting the entire instruction and experience. With the proper learning management system (LMS), it is not too difficult  to provide training on phones and tablets through any web based applications. Using a flexible,multipurpose and adaptive LMS opens the adaptive LMS up to a world of learning opportunities. Example of such is TcsIon which is present used as a LMS in Adamas University and in other higher education institutions as well.

M-learning in higher education institutions:

M-learning is used at present in higher education institutions. Many of the students are beginning to  use mobiles as a means of learning instead of laptops/desktops. Educational applications are becoming increasingly accessible to teachers and trainers as well

While interaction during lessons, instructors also utilizes mobile devices to enhance interaction. For instance one can ask questions during their training by making use of online discussion forums or even asking the learners to complete a survey after taking a training.
Here instant feedback is given. This is particularly effective when training and educating large groups. With synchronous learning the teacher is also in a position to get immediate feedback even when the student is at home. In addition teachers are able to interact with their students during lectures.

Benefits of mobile learning

Convenience : Enjoy a lecture at one’s own convenient time and place.Eg.Competitive examination preparation while on the go.

Motivation :   Students are motivated to find out when they can easily make use of  tablets or even other mobile devices.

Different types of content :  One can add educational videos, audio files and images with mobile learning. Videos ensure it to make learning livelier and interesting.

While we are looking on the PLUS side let us have a look at the MINUS side of M-learning.

Disadvantages of M-learning :

Distraction: Mobile devices is a distraction for participants. As a teacher or a mentor you are not always able to control what your students are actually doing on their tablets. For adults, mobile learning can be distracting when the users get constantly interrupted with text messages and notifications. Therefore it calls for self-discipline and focus on their part.

Lack of Internet connection or electricity: Using mobile devices for e-learning could be an issue if your users don’t have internet connection or electricity readily available. 

In spite of  the disadvantages the recent survey and results give us an insight that M-learning is very much relevant in the present context and specially in higher education when at present we are in a situation of  #STAY HOME#STAY SAFE#

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