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Homoeopathy: A distinctive approach to combat COVID-19


Homoeopathy: A distinctive approach to combat COVID-19

Contributor : Dr. Nupur Bhattacharya, Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery from West Bengal University of Health Sciences

According to the World Health Organization Coronavirus illness (COVID-19) is a communicable disease caused by a coronavirus or SARS-CoV. More than 3.1 million confirmed cases have been reported so far, whole world is fighting against the Corona Virus, the terror against the human civilization.

Effects of conventional medicines

All the antiviral drugs we have to fight against flu will have no result, also no vaccines are invented till date according to WHO. However, there are numerous progressing clinical preliminaries assessing potential medications; but these are merely a stone in a blind hole. So, strengthening our immune system is the only hope for endurance. Now, when there is no so called antiviral and antibacterial drugs available, what is the solution?

There is an alternative

The Homoeopathy is the system that can be anticipated to reinforce our immune system. Homoeopathic treatment is a symptomatologic treatment of the patient not a symptomatic treatment of disease. It has been proven that the Homoeopathic medicines enhances our immune system which helps our body to fight against the disease and to cure the same from the root.

History of success

The preventive approach of Homoeopathic Medicine is well appreciated, and historically, Homoeopathy has reportedly been used for prevention during the epidemics of Cholera, Scarlet fever, Diphtheria, Spanish Influenza, Yellow fever, Typhoid etc. There is anecdotal evidence that homoeopathic medicine was fruitful during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 to 1919, in which at least 20 million people died worldwide, when in United States only the count is more than 500,000[1]. According to the historian Julian Winston, the rate of death for patients treated with homoeopathy (genus epidemicus) were 1 to 2% compared with a 30 to 60% mortality for those treated by modern medicine [2].

Recent scenario

Regarding this COVID-19 UK National health service have published some symptomatology of corona virus infection. The common symptoms of the novel coronavirus include respiratory symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, aching pain in the body and shortness of breath and severe breathing difficulties like sensation of drowning in water. Almost all the authorities accepted these symptoms and there may be the running nose along with diarrhoea.

Recommended measure for prevention

Now evaluating the symptoms in Homoeopathic Medicine system there are ample number of drugs. Arsenic oxide, known as Arsenicum Album in homoeopathy, was what the AYUSH Ministry prescribed for coronavirus prevention. For conditions such as respiratory problems, allergies and even anxiety and insomnia this remedy usually applied by homoeopaths.


But there are total six numbers arsenic group of medicine which can be used for same complaint. When selection of medicine is based on symptoms and patient as well. When Antimonium Tart, Rhus Tox, Drosera, Spongia Tosta and also Arsenic Album etc. In homoeopathy, can be used for same complaint. Specifically for dry cough with fever Drosera which have been proved to act very beneficially for mankind, considering individualization of the patient if that pain throat is relieved by application of hot water then Rhus Tox or Arsenic Group of drugs will have greater impact, if the patient becomes restless with the fever then Rhus Tox may be the drug. So, it can be concised that not a specific medicine can be prescribed for same complaint. This concept was first put forth by Sir Samuel Hahnemann in the Organon of Medicine, Aphorism 241, as “…each single epidemic is of a peculiar, uniform character common to all the individuals attacked, and when this character is found in the totality of the symptoms common to all, it guides us to the discovery of homoeopathic (specific) remedy suitable for all the cases….” [2].

In coincidence with the statement of Sir Samuel Hahnemann that every prevailing epidemic diseases are so called contagious disease that is why they always bring a fixed group of symptoms and must have to be judged by observing the cases on the field for appropriate symptomatology and proper individualization of the patient.


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