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Leadership Take away from Hindu Mythology

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Leadership Take away from Hindu Mythology

At the end in Mahabharata’s, it tries to explain the complexity of KARMA, and how difficult is to decide what is good and what is bad. What happens in the war and after the war.

Kauravas lose and Pandavas win and they ruled over Hastinapur for 36 years and after that they moved to vanaprastha. Then they say they’ll head to Swarga. They believed they ruled well with dharma, so they should go to Swarga.

As they climb the mountain, one after another, the Pandava brothers start dying. Yudhishtir doesn’t turn back even once to see at his brothers or at Draupadi when she dies. He believes he has renounced everything.

He keeps walking and finally reaches. Deboraj Indra greeted him and said ‘ You have been the true Dharmaraj by being virtuous at all times, so come to Swarga’. Yudhishtira has a dog with him who has followed him from the palace. Indra refuses to allow the dog in Swarga. Yudhishtira says he will enter only if the dog is allowed, since they have been the companions in the long journey, otherwise both will stay out. Indra is very pleased by his principled stand and allows both to Swarga.

In Swarga , Yudhishtira shocked to see Kauravas. He asked  Indra why Kauravas are here, they were the cause of war, where adharmis. Indra tells him that according to the rules, all those who die at Kurukshetra doing their duty as Kshatriyas, will find a place in heaven. That is to say if you follow your caste dharma in the punya bhoomi, you will achieve Swarga. This is more complicated than simply good or bad karma.

Now the most important question asked by Yudhishtira- ‘Where is my brothers and wife?’ Then Indra took him under the earth, full of misery place. There, his brothers and wife are suffering for their individual paaps, sins –

  • Bhima : for overeating
  • Arjuna : for being insecure
  • Nakula : for being a narcissist
  • Sahadeva: for being arrogant about his knowledge
  • Draupadi: for preferring Arjuna over her other husbands

Yudhishtira feels compared to all misdeeds and adharmas did by Kauravas , these are very small faults. But Indra explains that since they died on Dharma Kehstra- Kurukshetra during their duty, so their all bad karma was wiped off and they are here in Swarga.

Yudhishtira is very angry about the apparent injustice and he refuse to go heaven. At that moment Krishna says –

Hadn’t you given up everything? You said you have renounced everything but obviously you didn’t let go of your anger. You defeated and killed the Kauravas, punishing them for their misdeeds. You ruled over their kingdom for 36 years – wasn’t that punishment enough? You don’t seem to have forgiven them and angry even now. You are carrying your past baggage and still attached with negative emotions, so how can you be in heaven?’

With this twist , in the end , it’s not about physical Swarga or Narak rather it’s state of mind. Swarga is where you find pleasure and enjoy and Naraka is where you suffer. But unless you leave all your anger, envy, greed, resentment etc, you can’t achieve Swarga , success. So Swarga or Naraka is not outside but inside us.


Leadership Take out:

  • Never leave a person who believe you and accompany you in your journey.
  • Consider your work place is a Dharma Keshetra (Poonya Bhumi) and job assigned to you is your caste duty.
  • Avoid overeating
  • Never be insecure – God has given you something extraordinary to success in life , find it out by talking to yourself and inner call.
  • Never be narcissist and arrogant about your knowledge, skill, wealth, lifestyle etc.
  • Being a leader never ever prefer or favour to any individual of team members
  • Forgive misdeeds – Give chance
  • Leave aside and forget all past baggage


Remember road in front of you is endless – It’s created by almighty. Trust him and keep walking- Swarga / Success is there for you !!!

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