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Looking for a career – What Shall I choose- BBA or B.Com?

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Looking for a career – What Shall I choose- BBA or B.Com?

As the 12th board examinations are approaching towards end, it is the biggest challenge and question for the pass out students what shall be their choice after 10+2. Not only students but parents also remain worried about their future and their selection of Bachelor degree programs. It is a very important decision, as the selection determines the direction in which a student will take his or her career in future.

So, here we are going to discuss different perspective of two most opted Bachelor degree programs one is Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the other one is Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). Both the programs offer different set of learning with some basic similarity but different in terms of their content by large, different in  terms of teaching pedagogy and also in terms of higher studies options available once one complete their graduation. We will discuss in brief about all these aspects in the coming section of the discussion.

Differences in Content

We can observe very significant difference in terms of the content and offerings in both the programs. However, both the program do have some basic courses common in each other and that is the reason which also creates confusion in the minds of the students which one is better and why. So, we have to understand one thing that the courses which are similar in BBA and B.Com are always the foundation courses which build the basic knowledge in any discipline such as accounting, principles of management or financial management or marketing for say.

However, if we talk about the skill advancement courses or courses which develop or build up the professional knowledge of students are different for both the program. Therefore, students who want to pursue his or her career in future as a financial accountant or cost accountant or auditor or as a company secretary shall choose B.Com. As it offers different courses which help one to qualify for professional examinations such as Chartered Account (CA), Cost and Work Accounts (CWA) or Company Secretary (CS) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Courses like Auditing, Cost and Management accounting, Company Law, Corporate Tax, Corporate Accounting, Financial statement Analysis familiarizes a student with the different concepts before he or she prepares for any of the above mentioned professional examination.

On the other hand, BBA along with the foundation courses offers altogether a different set of skill advancement courses which are generally not offered in B.Com program. Courses such as  Business Communication, Business Environment, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Fundamentals of Accounting, Management Accounting, Management Concepts & Practices, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior. Along with the above mentioned courses one also chooses specialization or honors in some specific functional areas of management such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain and many more. So, a student who want to pursue his or her career in the field of management and want to work in corporate organizations or want to start their own start up should choose BBA program. This would help him or her to build up foundation for any business. This would also support in getting familiarized with different functional areas of a business organization. One can also study Master of Business Administration after completing the BBA in order to have further expertise and sharp the concepts. So, those who have clear focus and want to become future manager or entrepreneur can select BBA program as their first step towards their journey in the corporate world.

School of Management, Adamas University offers a unique BBA program with different specialization options available. Areas of specialization offered include Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, logistic and supply chain, digital marketing etc. One can choose any of the area of specialization according to interest.

Differences in Teaching Pedagogy

BBA is considered to be a professional program in contrast to B.Com which is a traditional program. The teaching pedagogy that is the mode of delivery, tools for teaching, focus of teaching and learning process are also different for teaching to BBA students. Different tools such as role plays, case studies, simulations and many more are used to offer real life corporate culture learning to students. Students are evaluated not only the basis of their end term examinations but they have to go for continuous evaluation process. In the continuous evolution process   a student need to take different projects, assignments which enable them to make application of their classroom learning in the real corporate world. Therefore, BBA focus not only in giving theoretical knowledge but it also provides scope for learning the application of different theories in real life problems. Students also need to take up different courses for developing their soft skills which are considered to be the most important in business world as whatever we know if we cannot express that in effective ways one cannot succeed. 

At School of Management in Adamas University, we encourages our students to take live projects where they can become more close to the real corporate world, students go for summer internship for two months after the completion of their 4th semester examination. During the summer internship they learn the corporate culture and different functions in the corporate organizations. During the final semester, students also take a dissertation work which is also based on their specialization or area of interest. All this approach makes a student fit for the corporate world at the end of three year graduation program. We make a student ready for facing different real time challenges in the corporate and come out with the solutions.

Options for Higher Studies

 mentioned before there are different options available for one after completing BBA or B.Com. Where one student can go for professional programs such CA, CWA, CS or CFA after completing B.Com, a wide range of options are available for a student after completing BBA program. After BBA one can go for MBA with different areas of specializations available. Students can go for MBA in Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Management Information System and many more. One thing to be remember that it is not so that you cannot pursue MBA after B.Com but a student who have done BBA do have a foundation of many of the courses which are taught in  MBA.

Another area of concern, where we need to be clear that any students who have done 10+2 in commerce, science or arts can join BBA program with minimum qualifying marks in last examination appeared. However, for B.Com one must have studied commerce in 10+2 level. Therefore, the BBA offers a wide range for students from different discipline.


So, whether we choose BBA or B.Com it depends on your area of interest and also on our future goals. Those who are very much keen in making their career in the business world, want to become future managers of corporate originations, or want to become successful entrepreneurs may choose BBA as the first step towards their journey in the business world. And those who want to serve business organizations as accountants or company secretary or financial analyst can choose B.Com as an option.

The selection totally depends on one’s future goals where he or she wants to be and in which role you want to see yourself in future.

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