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Magic of Reading


Magic of Reading

A global pandemic is not a new thing for us and humanity has been facing these pandemics for ages. Sometimes the effects were centered around a specific place and sometimes it spreads like wildfires devastating civilizations, pushing some indigenous communities to the brink of extinction. One of the oldest recorded mass pandemics was found nearly five thousand years ago in a Chinese establishment that forced the remaining people to leave the dead bodies at the home and burned them down to the ashes.  All this information and records are kept securely for ages through ancient scripts while scholars are doing their researches relentlessly for years to excavate the reason behind the phenomenon to find the possible cause of those pandemics. When we read those works of literature form the scholars across the world through their pictures descriptions, those incidents come alive to us. This is the beauty of well researched and beautiful writing. The use of appropriate language to tell and retell the stories is the real art and that can only be achieved if you have a vault full of vocabulary and the key to arrange them accordingly.

I always believed that reading can drastically improve the quality of writing and it worked for me. If we dig a little deeper and refer to the very basic model of communication, we can easily relate them both. For successful communication, we need a structured and glitches free flow of the information from the sender to receiver where before sender, comes the ‘Information source’ which is the origin of information that keeps supplying the valuable data to the sender. The key to a beautiful reading is the zest of reading and inculcating every possible information from them. It is somewhat like the computing system, where output can only be derived if only input is given. I believe the best possible way to get inputs or suggestions is through the reading, in any form or mode.  Many people dislike reading storybooks but love reading spicy gossips or political updates and similar. Instead of tagging them in the “Not interested” category, we can simply categories them “Readers with specific interest”. Love of reading may vary depending on the forms or genre of literature but cannot be ignored completely.  Any kind of literature is bound to provide linguistic superiority to the reader and more of it brings a better grip on the language and vocabulary to the writer.

There are numerous benefits of reading that can prove to be helpful for an individual in multiple ways.

Mental simulation

Our body needs regular exercise to stay healthy. Similarly, our bran also needs to stretch out to stay healthy and productive and reading provides the same to our brain. It is also suggested that variation in reading is even more helpful and often boosts our memory better than similar kinds of content.

Depletion of stress

There is a famous quote “a book lets you travel throughout the world without moving a step” which truly is one of the most amazing characteristics of reading. This is quite useful while managing the stress and anxiety that we face in everyday life. A good reading can take away the reader from the trouble he is facing and transport him into a realm of happiness and joy.

Memory Improvement

We often complain about the bad memory and try out memory boosting medicines to improve its capacity when an easier way lies just ahead of us. Whenever we read anything, we tend to create new memories. Especially for books, we need to remember the characters, plots, situations, and interlinked incidents till we finish off the book which helps in forging new synapses as well as strengthening the existing once while creating new memories. This process not only helps in recalling short term memories but also helps in stabilizing the existing one.

Boosts Analytical skills

Reading increases the analytical skill of a person especially if you are a fan of mystery novels. Most of the readers are aware of the multifaceted Satyajit Ray who was an author, illustrator, director, music composure, screenwriter, lyricist, and also a proud winner of the ‘Oscar’ award. One of his legendary creations is the character “Feluda” who is an avid reader and used to sharpen his analytical skills from the books he has been reading for years. The analytical skills that are acquired from the reading can certainly become useful in many occasions and applicable in real-life situations.

Improved focus and strengthening concentration

Lack of concentration is a general phenomenon for many while keeping our focus on one particular point for a longer period of time is a tricky task. As our attention is divided into a gamut of elements, it is often hard for out to stick to a particular one while an interesting piece of writing can certainly help us to retain our attention to it. Regular reading habits would gradually improve the focus of the person and strengthen the concentration of the person with time.

Better writing skills

No two fingerprints are ever similar in every detail. Similarly, every writer has his or her unique style of writing which reflects the inner creativity. Sometimes one write up can resemble the style of others but are never the same. Reading helps in expanding the vocabulary, strengthening the grip on grammar and language which in turn helps in producing better writings.

If we have to document all the benefits of reading, we may have to create a small book to accommodate them all. While occasional reading can be a wave of fresh air, regular reading can hold the freshness forever and nurture it into a forest full of knowledge, joy, and happiness.

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