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Make your passion a profession: Detailed guidelines of scope in the field of photography

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Make your passion a profession: Detailed guidelines of scope in the field of photography

Super-cyclone “Amphan” has hit districts of West Bengal with the center of devastation in Kolkata. This news gets more validity with a single photograph of destruction. Photography is a passion of many students aspiring to join the professional world. In this digital era, though citizen journalist has flourished yet, professional photojournalists are much in demand. In this segment, the Pulitzer Award is also given. Photography has various scopes in respect to the profession. 

The digitalization of camera technology has created a diverse scope in the field of photography. With different types of cameras available to suit the different purposes of taking photographs, the field of photography has flourished many folds. Let us explore various career options available for photographers in this digital age. 


Photojournalism and their scopes


Photography is the most preferred section in any print and online media. The popularity of photojournalists remains there for centuries. Camera technology has evolved many folds, and digitalization has made it user friendly in many ways. Nowadays, journalists need not carry a camera but a smartphone with good camera capacity to capture any spot photography. If any newspaper house or digital publication cannot afford to have photojournalists, they prefer to buy the copyrighted image from agencies like shutter stock, PTI. Any freelance photojournalist can engage in a contract with these agencies which stock photographs and buy the copyright from them.

i) Sports photography

Photojournalism is sub-divided into several categories like sports photojournalism, spot-news photojournalism, event, or lifestyle photographers. Sports photojournalists are high in demand in a news agency, newspaper, online photo stock agency. The sports market is increasing in India and the world, which means more events to take place in short frequency, which requires efficient sports photojournalists to cover the event. It’s not only cricket, but other outdoor sports are gaining popularity in India. In the near future, there is likely to have more scope in this field.

ii) Spot news photography 

Spot news photography can be done by photojournalists working for a news organization as well as by citizen journalists. It is an instant photo taken on the spot of the event by the photographer. If it is an accident, then the photojournalist covers it on the spot reaching the spot, and if it is the inaccessible area, then the media houses depend on agency photojournalist or photograph send by citizen journalists. But there is a process of verification of the veracity of such pictures taken from citizen journalists. 

iii) Event photography

Event photography is about capturing people and their connections. Corporate event photography is a trendy and highly paid option. Apart from this event, photographers do cover various events like Trade shows, concert, stage and theatre show, business Christmas party, charity event, new product launch, appreciation events, wedding, birthday, festivals, etc. iv) Documentary photography

It is creating photography of accurate real-life of the subject. Just like any photojournalist documentary photographer wants to unfold the real story about the issue. Documentary photography is real life reportage and is different from street photography and abstract photography.

Fashion photography 

Fashion photography is the way of showing apparel, accessories more eye-catching to the viewers or customers. The purpose is to entice them towards products. Fashion photographers work behind the lens to capture photographs and use post-production high-end software to produce an enticing image of the product with models. It is also key to a successful portfolio of models. Fashion photography infuses life in any static product photoshoot. There are various types and styles in the genre of Fashion photography, like high fashion, catalogue and editorial, and street fashion photography.

i) Street Fashion Photography

Street Fashion photography is a new type which aimed at showing simplicity and is connected to commoners. Editorial and high fashion photography types are very similar in style.

ii) Editorial Fashion photography

Editorial fashion photography appears in fashion magazines, both online and print edition, posters, books, etc. During the photoshoot, the model is given the idea and the story to be enacted during the photo shoot. These photographs are done with a plain background or white background. 

iii) High Fashion Photography

 High fashion photography often big brand or designers prefers to go to an exotic location for a photo shoot with a model wearing their brand of clothing or accessories. The designer uses a model to showcase their creativity to the client. This is purely glamour, fashion photography away from reality.

iv)Catalogue Photography

 In catalogue photography, the model is showcased with a specific background to compliment the product that she is wearing to flaunt and is featured in print media as a catalogue of products of the brand. Photoshoot for this kind of photography is done in the studio. This type of photography is common in portfolio photography of models by professional photographers.

v) Alternate Fashion Photography

Alternate fashion photography is a genre where independent photographers and models who still love trends and styles of retro 80s and 90s can get the spotlight. This type is the mixing of past trends with present trends to create new trends of fashion. 

Advertising/ Product photography 

It is often seen that value of the product and its trustworthiness perceived through the visual representation. It means that a high-quality photograph can create a longer impression. If any small business owner cannot afford high-end professional photographers, then they can simply turn to use DIY (do-it-yourself) product photography as an alternative. For that, one needs to learn this technique from professional courses available. With simple techniques like window light and some accessories, one can create a professional set-up for DIY product photography as well as post-production editing can be done. Product photographers are high in demand and can run as an individual establishment for doing this type of photography. As the digital surge of e-commerce has increased so more and more small business owner is coming online with their product, so they require to set product photography of their stock in website or e-commerce site. 

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is the most popular genre of photography. One can set individual businesses with knowledge of taking portrait photography. It is also a part of event photography where one needs to study the event set up before the event to position themselves while the case is on to take the best photograph of people in action and connection. 

Scientific / Specialty photography

Scientific photography is taking images for the record of scientific or medical data. Scientific photographers usually use thermal rays, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays to capture images. The photographers need to know biology, chemistry, engineering, or medicine. They often work with a scientific research team in universities, government organizations, or any research organization/ facilities. 

Stock photography 

Like many other services and product stock photos also comes at a different level of quality. Most photo stock agency suppliers provide proper resolution and commercially valuable images for professional usage. Still, there is a demand for an above-average photo with high-quality resolution. This is categorized as premium stock photography. All big agencies who offer premium stock photo category provide curated content which is legally clean. Stock photographers work on shooting stocks instead of working on any given assignment. With the proliferation of online consumerism and marketing, the stock photo business has become a million-dollar business at present. Also, it has been a competitive market. Stock photographers are paid in terms of residual income, i.e., royalties, and sometimes copyright of the photo is purchased by the company. 

Travel Photography

A career in travel photography is as varied as the destination. The photographers can have freedom in designing their path. They can start as an independent photographer and then sell their works to stock agencies and host workshops in cities and towns wherever they travel. There are opportunities like getting your travel sponsored by the tourism industry and selling your photo rights to a particular travel agency. Even one can have travel photographs for an online magazine as well as a website. Travel photographers can focus on portrait photography, wildlife photography, street photography, architectural photography, nature photography, macro photography to get the best view to capture. 


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