School of Engineering and Technology

The School offers involving teaching methods, highly qualified faculty and industry ready curriculum which includes all the latest technologies across the globe in all the branches of engineering. At forefront with innovation centric approach the school has legacy of 13 years to groom the students to be the world-class professionals.

School of Basic and Applied Sciences

Basic science helps in unravelling the mysteries around us. Applied science bridges the gap between basic science and technology. School of Basic and Applied Sciences provide science education through upgraded curricula, research driven outcome-based pedagogy, and hands-on training in state-of-the-art laboratories. The motto of the School to nurture scientific curiosity, thus paving the way for a better future career of students.

School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies

The School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies aims to be the pioneer School of Liberal Studies in Eastern India. The School offers technology driven blended learning pedagogy and andragogy, with intra and inter School learning opportunities. With core and employability based skills and training embedded as a part of the learning curve, the students can choose from futuristic, multi and inter disciplinary Major and Minors. The School has tie-ups with foreign universities with a multi-disciplinary and insightful Faculty pool having global exposure.

School of Business and Economics

The School of Business and Economics aims at a deep connect with the corporate practice through continuous interface with business and industry, developing a scientific temper, humanism, industriousness and the spirit of enquiry and reform among students. With a curriculum designed for the 21st century workforce, the School offers programs in cutting-edge sunrise sectors like logistics, pharmaceuticals, analytics, and entrepreneurship. The pedagogy focuses on employability of the students through modern tools like case study, action-learning and problem-solving. Digitally enabled teaching-learning methodology to meet the future challenges of data-driven on-line business and management practices is offered by Faculty drawn from industry and having a blend of academia-corporate interplay resulting in practical insights in the classroom 

School of law and Justice

The School of Law and Justice aims to be the most sought-after destination for legal education in Eastern India. The core emphasis is on clinical and experiential learning. The School offers a galaxy of interdisciplinary law and law enforcement subjects which prepares students for various competitive examinations and develops their Gen X legal skills in pursuit of excellence. The learning goals and the curricula align with the expectations of the legal industry and society at large. Process audits are conducted regularly to ensure full compliance with emerging global standards. The School has unmatched faculty with real-time world experience.

School of Media and Communication

The School of Media and Communication aspires to create skilled, ethical, entrepreneurial, competent professionals and academicians for the Media, Entertainment and Communications industry through a blend of classroom-based learning, field-based projects, industry-interface, and meaningful research practices. The new-age programmes offered by the school emphasise on convergent, platform-agnostic and multimedia storytelling.

School of Education

School of Education aims to flourish numerous skills through innovative e-pedagogy, flipped learning methods, interdisciplinary projects and blended learning approaches. The course curriculum of B.Ed. furnishes the prospective teachers with world class teaching skills. Implementation of Genius Hour Passion Project and Canvas in teaching learning process prepare the would be teachers to be competent enough to play their part in developing a healthy education structure.

School of Life Science & Biotechnology

The School of Life Science & Biotechnology fosters interdisciplinary knowledge of applied sciences and dynamic academic environments to prepare students to address the most compelling biological challenges and various other pursuits, backed by intense knowledge, integrity, deep understanding of research and innovation.

School of Medical Sciences

Beset in the serene atmosphere and lush green Wi-Fi enabled campus embedded with cosy comfortable classroom and state of art laboratories, Qualified faculty members of School of Medical Sciences provide a perfect ambience for making of confident, skilful, professional with human values and commitment for providing a strong health care platform.  

School of Smart Agriculture

The School of Smart Agriculture is aiming to integrate modern technologies like precision agriculture, artificial intelligence, robotics, data science, drones (UAVs), use of sensory equipment, and modern tools and techniques for imparting unique technology-based agricultural education to the students.