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Peer Tutoring: An Alternative Strategy


Peer Tutoring: An Alternative Strategy

Peer tutoring as such is nothing but where a student teaches to his peer/ batch mates or to the lower class students. Teaching is a two way process where it requires someone who will study and someone who will teach or tutor. In peer tutoring, a student under the guidance of a teacher will involve in the process of tutoring.

Benefits of Peer Tutoring:

The benefits of peer tutoring are –

  • Individual attention can be given as teaching learning is on one to one basis.
  • Active learning can be possible as there is direct interaction between students.
  • While teaching others peer tutor refines and revises his own knowledge and skills
  • As the tutor is from among the peer they are more open about their problem.
  • It is more cost effective than to engage additional staff.

Peer tutoring Model:

Peer tutoring can be of different types. Like –

  • Class wide peer tutoring –In this model the entire class is divided into small groups not larger than five with different ability level.
  • Cross-Age Peer tutoring –In cross age peer tutoring younger students are pair with older students. The Older students are supposed to tutor the younger ones
  • Peer assisted learning Strategies – The students are paired with more or less same ability level where each student learn from the other .

Limitations of Peer Tutoring:

  • At times over tutoring may create problem
  • Personal biasness of teacher may arise in selecting the tutor.

In general Peer tutoring is an assistive device to help the pupil in the class to achieve success in their academic field. In peer tutoring both the tutor and the pupil get benefited.

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