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Pharmacy: A Gateway to Plethora of Opportunities


Pharmacy: A Gateway to Plethora of Opportunities

Pharmacy is a rewarding professional path with a wide range of career opportunities. In India, the pharmacy sector is enormous and was estimated to be worth $55 billion in 2020 with a CAGR of 22.4%. With such an attractive number, admission into B Pharmacy course offers successful and lucrative career opportunity. The degree programme lasts four years and consists of eight semesters.

These are five reasons to enroll into a B pharmacy programme.

  1. You Wish to Deal with Patients

After getting your B Pharmacy degree, you will have a variety of employment options. However, the majority of the individuals around you will be patients. You can work as a chemist in ambulatory, inpatient, and community healthcare settings, among others. A chemist can do so many various and varied duties, and they frequently operate in environments where humans are involved.

As a chemist, you would offer more services in addition to supplying medications. Asthma care, cholesterol testing, blood pressure monitoring, advice on quitting smoking, diabetes disease management, bone density scans, and other services are all provided by pharmacists.

  1. You enjoy helping others

Although it may not seem visible, pharmacists helps patients in feeling better. The finest people who help patients to feel better are pharmacists, who specialize in drugs.

Moreover, pharmacists are essential in enhancing medication adherence. Pharmacists’ cultural competency, which includes knowledge of customs, language, nutrition, and much more, enables them to assess patients and ensure that they take their medications as directed by their doctor.

  1. You desire a variety of career options

You did read that correctly. A career in pharmacy has variety of opportunities and offers opportunities in patient care, scientific research, product development and entrepreneurship. After successful completion of the B Pharm degree, pharmacists can opt one from a large variety of employment opportunities.

Working at a community or healthcare facility’s retail pharmacy is the most obvious career option for pharmacists. In this capacity, they offer patients counseling together with over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs. They may even perform research, teach at universities and colleges or work in the pharmaceutical sector.

Here is a list of possible occupations after receiving a B.Pharm degree:

  1. Pharmacists in the community, hospital pharmacists, hospice/palliative care providers, the health care administration, and pharmaceutical firms.
  2. Medical Representatives and Production Chemist
  3. Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Vigilance, Scientific Writing, Medical Scripting, and Regulatory Affairs
  4. Pharmacy, MBA, Law, Patent Agent; further education
  5. After B Pharm, pharmacists can assume the afore mentioned positions before transitioning into important leadership positions in various facets of the healthcare system.
  1. You Want to Play a Vital Role in the Healthcare Team

All healthcare teams get benefited from the crucial and notable contributions of pharmacists. The outcomes of several researches by pharmacists have consistently demonstrated that they are among the most important members of the healthcare team.

By providing drugs to treat various illnesses, you would play a crucial role in the healthcare system if you opt for a career in pharmacology.

  1. You desire a secure yet adaptable career

A pharmacy bachelor’s degree will enjoy guaranteed steady employment for the duration of your career. With a degree, you might find employment as a chemist with a license anywhere in the nation.

You also get the privilege to set your own business hours. For instance, you can open your pharmacy store open every day of the year. As an alternative, you can choose to work at night shifts or in the emergency department. Since there is a huge need for pharmacists, there is a lot of freedom in this field.

Get B Pharmacy admission to realize your aims if the five factors listed above line up with your objectives. B Pharmacy Admission at School of Medical Sciences (SoMS), Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, ADAMAS University allows students to pre-enroll before appearing for 12th board. The course is approved by PCI and recognized by UGC. School of Medical Sciences (SOMS), Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, ADAMAS University has good ranking in India and promises to offer quality education to the students.

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