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Pharmacy as a career: Spotlight on New Arrivals

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Pharmacy as a career: Spotlight on New Arrivals

Pharmaceutical Technology/Pharmacy is the science and practice of discovering, producing, preparing, dispensing, and reviewing the safe, effective, and affordable use of drugs. This technological field presents us the knowledge about the composition of drugs based on their chemical, biological, and physical properties, manufacture and biological action of drugs along with the related adverse effects.

Why Pharmaceutical Technology?

Professional Growth: Known as a recession-proof career which gives rewarding salary and possibility for growth due to advanced technological innovations. It is perhaps the only career to expect growth even in pandemic situations like that due to COVID-19.

Trusted Profession: Pharmacists are continually ranked as some of the most noticeably trusted specialists because of the critical care and health-related services they provide. 

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry – present scenario

The architect of Indian pharmaceuticals industry would be Acharya P.C.Ray, who founded Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Works Ltd., the first manufacturing facility within the country, in the year 1901. Over the past few decades due to technological advances, low cost R & D services, bulk drug availability, manufacturing & clinical trial facility as in line with FDA standard & skilled expert human assets turnsIndian pharmaceuticals industry is globally respected and is one of the most successful industries in India. It has contributed immensely to India’s healthcare outcomes and economy. World‐class capabilities and beneficial market conditions over the last few years have ensured that India continues to be certainly one of the maximum rewarding pharma markets in the world. India is a major producer of vaccines too.

Demand for skilled Pharma Manpower

The need of professional manpower within the pharmaceutical industry ranges extensively from R&D, Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), Intellectual Property (IP), production to even sales and marketing.Pharmaceutical industry has the potential to attract a bigger range of competencies even at some point of global financial meltdown, as the industry is virtually recession proof.

Key functional areas

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacists are energetic, enthusiastic participants of the patient care team. They do wide range of capabilities starting from procurement of drugs to dispensing to the patients. Pharmacists are responsible for overseeing the optimal, safe and cost-effective medication therapy management using evidenced-based medicine to improve overall patient care in all patients.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is a complex, multi-factorial environment, but with the overall aim of discovering, developing and marketing safe and efficacious medicines, and it demands high standards and quality from its employees. Pharmaceutical industry needs manufacturing Pharmacist or approved Chemist to obtain license for manufacturing.

Regulatory Affairs

The quality of medicine brings therapeutic effectiveness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the regulatory agency monitors the quality, safety & efficacy of pharmaceuticals globally.The entire process of pharmaceutical manufacturing includes procurement of raw materials, production or manufacturing, quality control to sales is regulated by drug control agencies of Central and respective State Government.

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical marketing is different than the conventional marketing. Here, the real consumer is the patient, who has a little or no choice. That’s why the job is extra challenging & require special skill, training & know-how about medicines. Every day they have to deal with highly qualified doctors in one hand and the professional business man (often called drug trader in common terminology). This is a never saturating professional area and jobs are available always. The sales personal is called as medical representatives or business executives. They maybe promotedto GeneralManager of the organisation.


Pharmacovigilance is a great career option for Pharmacy graduates is primarily concerned with reporting and analysing of drug side effects.After a drug side effect is reported, the Pharmacovigilance professionals enter the event in relevant databases, follow up with the case to gather more information and forward these reports to regulatory authorities and other applicable bodies. The Pharmacovigilance professionals identify signals in data that may point towards a potential side effect and probe the case further.

Newer Opportunities/Functional areas

Nuclear Pharmacy

Nuclear pharmacists are also known as radiopharmacists. This is a specialty area of pharmacy practice involved with the preparation of nuclear medicine. The main objective is to improve and promote good healththroughthe protected and effective utilization of radioactive medications.

Forensic Pharmacy

Forensic pharmacy is the application of the drug sciences to legal matters. Forensic pharmacists are involved in legal research, administrative procedure and the criminal justice system. Pharmacists hold a number of positions with federal, local, and state governments.

Scientific Writing

This newer job prospect in pharmacy involves writing, editing, compiling and analyzing scientific data and information for commercial purposes/ scientific journal articles or as general media publications

Clinical Research Scientist

This job scope involves the design, planning, budgeting, execution, coordination, data collection, data interpretation and statistical optimization of all phases of clinical trials in accordance with the framework laid down by the regulatory authorities.

 A Doctor gives life to the patient through medicine

A Pharmacist gives life to Medicines through his knowledge & skills

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