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Physical Science- Career prospects to help in winning the games of thrones


Physical Science- Career prospects to help in winning the games of thrones

Physicists are trying to discover the laws that govern inanimate objects. Possible occupations include geologists and chemists. Geologists study Earth’s composition and processes to gather information about the Earth’s present, past, and future, while chemists study the atomic and molecular aspects of matter and how these materials react with each other. As geologists, students use tools to collect samples of rocks, oil, or minerals, study those samples in a laboratory, and collect and interpret data. As chemists, students are more likely to engage in basic or applied research, testing interactions between elements, or working on new products. The following table provides education, qualifications, and employment information for geoscientists and chemists.




Degree Required

Bachelor’s for entry-level work; Master’s or Ph.D. for research positions

Bachelor’s for entry-level work; Master’s or Ph.D. for research positions

Education Field of Study

Geosciences, mathematics, physics


Key Skills

Critical thinking, interpersonal, outdoor, problem-solving

Analytical, mathematical, organizational, problem-solving

Projected Job Growth (2020-2030)



Median Salary (2020)



Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Higher studies in Physical Science: Physics refers to the field of science that includes the study of inanimate objects such as matter and energy. Common areas of physical science include physics, chemistry, geology, and astronomy. Students can choose from a wide range of associate and bachelor programs in physics. For example, students can earn an associate’s degree in physics (AS) or an associate’s degree in chemical engineering (AAS). General undergraduate program students can choose from astronomy and astrophysics, geology and geophysics, earth sciences, physics and chemistry. Students must earn a Ph.D. in Philosophy to qualify for research positions in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and other physical sciences. PhD programs in Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Materials Science, Geology or Atmospheric Science are widely available. If students decide to get a PhD. in  chemistry or physics. Students are more likely to focus on graduate studies in specific areas of the broader science. For example, students may focus on organic chemistry, inorganic or ORGANOMETALLIC chemistry, physical chemistry, particle physics, and optics or condensed matter physics.

Professional career Availability: The students have many career options in the field of physical science. Regardless of which field of physical science the students choose, always have the option of conducting basic research and teaching courses at a research university or simply instructing at a teaching university or community college. If the students choose to pursue a career in chemistry, they will also have the option of conducting research in pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, petroleum and other consumer products industries. On the other hand, if the students choose to become a materials scientist, the students could find employment with companies that manufacture plastics and other polymers, semiconductors, electronics and chemicals. If the students choose the physics route, the students could work for companies that design and manufacture lasers, imaging equipment and other scientific instruments, as well as looking for opportunities with defense contractors and companies that sell data analysis software. As physicists or astronomers, students may also conduct research at national laboratories or federal agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Alternative career from the field of Physical Science: If a career in physical science isn’t for the students, the students may choose to work in a different field of science. One such option is agricultural and food science. Scientists in this field research ways to effectively grow and protect crops and farm animals, study soil health and work on efficiency with food products. The students may also wish to consider the field of environmental science where the students will work to take care of the environment through cleaning up pollution, working with those who make government policies and eliminating excess waste. A bachelor’s degree will be needed for an entry level position in all of these fields, though, master’s degrees are often required if the students wish to advance.

In Life Sciences & Environment The disciplines in this field, such as ecology, overlap to a large extent with the fields of physics, such as hydrology, geology, and soil science. Graduates of the Faculty of Science can continue their studies in the fields of ecology and the environment and enter related careers.

In Education and Training- With postgraduate and doctoral qualifications in physical science disciplines, careers in the academic field can be taken up.

In Civil Services and DefensePhysical Science graduates can enter a variety of civil servants after taking the civil service examination and entering the civil service, or after passing an examination administered by the civil service committee.

In Engineering– Postgraduate students in certain fields of physics can enter engineering through the GATE exam, which can help them pursue M Tech.

Governments across the world and private sector firms are giving an increasing priority to the research and development in the field of physical sciences. Hence the opportunities in the field are also growing in general. However some areas like particle physics, nanotechnology, astrophysics, and bio-analytical chemistry will grow comparatively faster. Graduates in physical sciences have different career options in manufacturing companies, labs, R&D organizations and government agencies. Since the field is more or less research oriented, a PhD would be very vital for career growth. And if the student gets a PhD in academia, he has a lot of options.

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