#PositiveCorona: Inventions at the face of adversity: electronic gadgets, man's best friend in combatting the 2020 pandemic | Adamas University

#PositiveCorona: Inventions at the face of adversity: electronic gadgets, man’s best friend in combatting the 2020 pandemic


#PositiveCorona: Inventions at the face of adversity: electronic gadgets, man’s best friend in combatting the 2020 pandemic

Our world is facing a really grave situation, namely the uncontrollable spread of a never known before virus that Is capable of killing. The situation is at its worst and is reminding us of the World Wars. But as history has always shown, the vivacity and splendor of life always wins over the forces of evil. Accordingly researchers from all over the world are coming up with various efficient solutions to combat this unseen enemy. In such a noble venture science and technology is posing as our best friend. Though this deadly situation has handicapped humankind in various aspects, yet life saving technological creativity and innovation is attaining unprecedented heights in these hard times. Below is presented an overview of a collection of wonderful gadgets that are acting as magic wands in detection and prevention of coronavirus. Several viable solutions are being proposed to combat this spread of pandemic. Among such solutions electronic device based equipments are playing a major role. Several such acceptable and cost effective solutions are being proposed by various research groups from all over the world.

Of the several detection devices, the following stand out due to their efficiency and accuracy.

  1. Real time in situ detection of COVID-19 viruses may be possible using quantum tunneling based nanogap sensors. Such quantum tunneling based detection is expected to be 1000 times more accurate than thermal or other detection methods. The sensitivity of such detectors are expected to be unprecedented till date.
  2. For successfully combating Sars2 Covid 19 viruses proper comprehension of their behavioral evolution is necessary. Researchers have proposed polymide nano fibre based technologies for nano scale capture of aersols.
  3. Deactivation of virus using copper is a traditional method. Yet the process is necessarily a slow one. However, researchers have come up with new promising technology. And chemical free inactivation of Covid 19 virus has been made possible. Such technology may be used in N 95 masks as well. Copper is being used in the form of electroactive nano particles. The technology can be used to disinfect Covid 19 virus present in the atmosphere in a room or cabin etc.
  4. Other technologies such as the use of disinfecting nanobubbles have also come up to combat this pandemic situation.  Such nanobubble based disinfecting is even suitable for hospital cubicles.

Next a review of recently invented gadgets and devices for arming humankind against coronavirus is provided.

  1. Steve Brooks, a London based inventor, has come up with ‘hygiene hook’ which is a device or rather a gadget that enables us to open a door without physically touching it. Moreover the gadget is made up of non porous material and therefore is user friendly and easy to clean. To top this, the gadget is 3D printable as well, therefore, industry level manufacturing is easy and is cost effective.
  2. Multi functional UV sterilizers and wire free chargers have been introduced for our smart phones. Therefore, contamination and disease spreading from our mobile phones, which are not so easy to clean, will no longer pose a threat. Apart from smart phones, gadgets like watch, earphones etc may also be disinfected with the help of this device.
  3. Another important invention is the self cleaning water bottle. This also uses UV protection against contamination and therefore, the users may rest assured that not just Covid 19 viruses but other harmful disease spreading bio elements will also be destroyed from the drinking water present in these bottles. Such bottles are made of 18/8 food grade steel which is heat preventive and rust free. And UV-c light is used for disinfecting the liquid present in the bottle. Further an UV nanotechnology plating is also used.
  4. Several other UV based technologies are playing their part in the fight against Covid 19. Amongst them UV sanitizer bar and UV sterilization box deserve a special mention. Both of them belong to the affordable price range and are expected to be satisfactorily effective in preventing the spread of this harmful virus as well as other possible contaminations. Besides both are lightweight and easily portable.

The sanitizer bar uses UV-c light to sterilize the object or the spot on to which it is focused. It is hardly the size of a television remote and maybe easily got it in once pocket.

The UV sterilization box also uses the same principle of disinfection. But unlike the sterilizer bar, this comes with the chamber that is capable of entirely bathing the product from all directions and therefore complete sanitization is possible. Apart from simply sanitizing, these sophisticated gadgets also offer luxuries such as added aromatherapy chambers that in turn would result in a pleasing fragrance to be bestowed on the sanitized product. Moreover, almost all variations of UV sanitization chambers are equipped with extra ozone disinfection.

  1. Another important invention is the mini oximeter. This is non invasive and easy to use. This monitors the oxygen level in human body and reverts if some abnormality is noticed. This is also an optoelectronic gadget that sense beams of light belonging to various frequencies through the users finger in order to sense pulse oxygen content.
  2. Our country is not behind as well. Our engineers end inventors have come up with several valuable technological weapons to fight back this unseen enemy. that includes disinfectant drones, ultraviolet guns, air evacuation pods etc.

Therefore, even in these dark times, we should not lose hope. Every cloud has a silver lining and together we will try our best and overcome this killer virus, equipped with our wonderful inventions and ingenious technologies. Let’s keep safe.

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