#PositveCorona: The ‘Other’ Side of Pandemic 2020: Reflections from Lockdown Days | Adamas University

#PositveCorona: The ‘Other’ Side of Pandemic 2020: Reflections from Lockdown Days

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#PositveCorona: The ‘Other’ Side of Pandemic 2020: Reflections from Lockdown Days

This monologue is basically a self-reflection on some observations on this current situation (this pandemic time frame).As it is a kind of reflection on a particular time frame, there is no intention to reach a conclusion or to find out some remedy or solution. Rather this reflection may raise or provoke some questions or thought regarding our own thought process, priorities, lifestyle and purpose in life.

The ‘New Not-So Normal’ World Order

‘Pandemic’ is the new word that gripped the world in a newfound fear against a novel virus that has been sweeping through continents claiming thousands of lives. Irrespective of geographical location, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, age and profession the entire human race is going through a same kind of experiences, some common threats and challenges. It basically reminds us, that at the end of the day we all are connected, interdependent and responsible for our existence.

Pandemic 2020: Story of Tragedy or New Found Optimism

People are being forced to remain indoors to break the chain of infection and check the spread of the disease and also to give relief to the hospitals that are reeling under the pressure of a sudden increase in patients. With no vaccine in sight, people are gripped with fear and uncertainty. There is no end in sight and people are now suffering from mental exhaustion and fatigue. It is important to not let go and keep positive energy flowing. The story of 2020 pandemic should not only be one of tragedy but of survival and faith.

Time to Look Within

Pandemic has given all the much needed time to look within, reflect and spend time with oneself. It has also given us the time to stop and take time out for ourselves and family which our fast paced professional and social life often prevented. It has given time to indulge in little pleasure like cooking for the family and engaging in hobbies long forgotten. While we are not generalizing, for most people this opportunity to be with loved ones for extended time has been a boon. For others the experience may not be as heart-warming as cases of domestic abuses have been on the rise but we’ll keep that discussion for some other days.

Time to Prioritize

The pandemic has exposed the uncertainty of life which though overwhelming also makes us more conscious about the value of time, life and of our loved ones. Cherish the bonds and the relations while there is still time. Take a break from the materialist world to nurture those we hold dear to us for there may be no tomorrow. The death anxiety associated with this pandemic condition, forces us to reflect on our priorities in life. What actually matters to us? How do we want to spend our precious limited time span on this planet? What actually helps us to find out the meaning of our existence in this universe?

Boost to Minimalist Living

Pandemic has also exposed the mindlessness of the excesses we all indulge in. Buying things we never use and pandemic has been teaching us restraint. When countrywide lockdown was announced people hurried to buy food stuff knowing that they may not be available. Not for once did anyone spare a thought for jewelleries, beauty products and clothes. With online e-commerce closed people were content with the bare essentials and tried to curb wastages. Even without excesses life went on at its own pace and people learnt that it is possible to do without most of the things that we buy mindlessly. Practicing minimalist living, eating home cooked meals, living a simple life has been extremely rewarding and pandemic has played a major role in highlighting these small pleasures. By being conscious about this change, we can actually reexamine our priorities in life, life style and can give more attention to intentional, purposeful living and redefine our own happiness.

Response to Uncertain Times

Another positive outcome has been the way most have tried to deal with the uncertainties that is haunting us. Dealing with these uncertainties, we are actually learning to tolerate and cope with ambiguity and uncertainties in a latent manner. People are being forced to adapt to the changes brought forth by the pandemic, way of life is being redefined and re-learnt and there is a tremendous effort to meet the challenges head on.

Challenging Road Ahead

The familiar world we lived in even months back has been rudely shaken. The days of simple socialization and interacting with people are gone and an unknown fear is driving each one of us. Road ahead will be extremely challenging at least till a vaccine becomes available but that too is a time-consuming process. We have to continue to live in these challenging times for some time more and which will need huge doses of positivity to keep the balance intact. How positively we respond will help define our future as individuals and as a society.  



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