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Relieving Pandemic Stress through Music

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Relieving Pandemic Stress through Music

Music is an aesthetic product of man’s creativity. It is not only an artistic form but it reflects the daily activities and incidences which occurred in nature and human society. All aspects of life such as weal and woe, smile and tears, human activities, natural things, festivals and the like are echoed through music. With this context it can be said that human mind, societal circumstances and music are inextricably attached with each other.

Music is acceptable in any conductive or hostile environment. Music helps to rejuvenate human mind and it can extricate the melancholy of human mood. In this pandemic situation, music has been rendering its important role to give the peace of mind. We  have just passed 21st June, the “World Music Day’ which was a very special day for all music lovers of the world.

Strict discipline protects us from the horrible panic that has been spread throughout the world today. Music helps men to sustain this discipline. A pleasant music can give a jerk to the human mind and excite to work together. On the other hand, vocal music can excite our consciousness, put us to dreaming world and even help us to be freed from the disease. The popular communal harmony song, “mora eki brinte duti kusum Hindu Musalman”, by Kazi Nazrul Islam, for instance, expresses a harmonic message. On the other hand, the song, “Moru bijoyer ketan urao hey sunney urao urao hey probolo pran”, by Rabindra Nath Tagore reflects a message of environmental awareness which is relevant till today. Again, the song, “Amar bhai-er rokte rangano ekushe February” reminds us the story of mother language movement of historic 21st February. The patriotic song, “Muktiro mandiro sopano taley kato pran holo bolidan” excites us for patriotism. The Labourers Day song, “Naam tar chhilo John Henry, chhilo Jeno jibanto engine, Haturir taley taley gaan geye shilpi khusi mone kaj karey raat din” by John Henry, tells us the miserable state of the labourers in unorganised field and it  raised up and awakened them to be conscious in mass-agitation. These songs are witness of our history. It is constantly inspiring our country, our nation, our pride. Music has been acting as a strong medium. In case of social and political revolution, the role of vocal music is undeniable. Continuously, it gives spark to countrymen to debouch their emotions towards something. The philosophical thought, cultural consciousness as well as the struggle of the Bengalees can be set in through music.

Music teaches us to think differently in a new situation. It gives us joy. When we listen to music, the hormone, “Dopamine” is secreted from our brain which helps us to feel good and to feel free from mental exhaustion. Generally, when we get hurt from someone or something, we are advised to listen to music relevant to the mood to refresh ourselves. German poet and writer “Berthold Auerbach” stated music help us to wash our congealed crookedness. 

Music empowers our memory because during singing performers have to memorize words, maintain sura or laya. Moreover, there are few students who like to study by listening to some song. As a result, IQ is strengthened. Therefore, the culture, dialects, living style of a country can be portrayed through music. Albert Einstein at the end of his age felt that listening to songs is very important to the human life. He stated, “If I were at my young age, I would make a rule that everyone has to listen to a poem or a song at least once in a week.”

The world is the habitat of more than seven hundred crores of people. There are happening innumerable events at daily basis in the world. There are mutual fighting, scuffling, tormenting, inequality, hard times, calamities etc., on the other hand, we see several influences of cheerfulness, happiness, and effectiveness. The world is affected indeed today. There is a destructive pandemic like covid-19 in one side and on the other side, there are dreadful storms like the Amphan and the Nisargo; besides these, the black-skinned man Floyd was killed by the policemen in America is also a troublesome incidence. The various types of frights are swallowing us in every moment. Therefore, everyone is at stake. Indeed, we are moving through a very hard situation.

 So, the vocal music can do well to the human heart. It can weave human hearts in a single string. There should be sadness, distress, despondency in a human life. This is true. But today, with the grace of digital media, various energetic songs should be circulated and expanded throughout the world specifically in COVID-19 pandemic situation. Let the darkness be lifted, let everyone be stayed blessed in this incredible earth, let the earth be reformed. In the coming future, we will form a panic free society. This is our strong promise and we will overcome!

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