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Since the beginning of 2020, the entire world is suffering from a new viral threat viz. COVID19 which is termed as a novel virus i.e. unknown virus that is having 19 unknown varieties. It is believed to be observed first in the city of Wuhan of China for the first time in 2019 and started to spread all over the world since January,2020. Globally almost three lakhs patients have died while fifty lakhs are affected already (Source- Official site of WHO).


Initially, many countries headed by USA started accusing China for producing and experimenting with this novel virus and using it as prospective bio weapon, while another theory states that the infection was originated from animal flesh market in Wuhan, where Pangolin and Bat are two animals used as carriers whose flesh was improperly cooked and consumed by human beings and the disease cycle was completed. Lot of people after getting affected by this group of corona virus started travelling from China throughout the globe mainly in USA and European countries. WHO declared this as pandemic and China came out with a preventive model of lock down to keep away citizens from aerosol bound viral infection along with wearing masks, gloves, sanitization etc. The entire world started accusing China for a huge socio political economic devastation throughout the globe which has already affected many countries including India. Lot of people have lost their jobs, livelihood, occupation and even lives for this global pandemic.


As WHO (World Health Organisation) is trembling with utter confusion regarding medical research, lot of countries individually have started medical research in their own capacity to explore the actual nature of mutation of RNA present in this novel COVID19 virus. It seems to be mutating very fast in different countries in different manner and commonly majority of patients dying out of it are old aged or having low immune system with co morbid symptoms finally showing acute respiratory congestion and failure. As far the present research is concerned, public health awareness building should be the major task of teachers.


The COVID19 virus seems to have spikes on its outer protein layer which gets adhered to Ac2 receptor proteins present on the mucosal epithelial layer of our respiratory tract, pharynx causing irritation of the throat and gradual congestion of mucus there. Once the viral RNA multiplies during the early part of the incubation period, it starts to trickle down into the narrower bronchiolar passage of lungs initiating respiratory distress leading to death. As part of public health awareness common man is asked to use Luke warm water for drinking, steam inhalation to break the lipoprotein cover of the virus in the throat itself so that the case may not become fatal even if the individual is affected by the corona group of virus.


Social Changes-

People have to maintain social distance from one another. They must obey the social distancing norms. Quarantine, isolation, sanitisation, using masks and gloves, washing hands frequently etc. may become part of public health awareness to prevent entry of this dreaded virus into human body. People are advised not to touch others to avoid contamination. No hand shaking instead ‘Namaste’ is becoming a globally acknowledged greeting system. Human beings should properly dispose the wastes.


We, the teachers should come forward to join hands with health workers and doctors in spreading this awareness among common mass to develop the insight to prevent this latest threat to human race on earth. People are afraid of this novel corona virus disease (COVID19). Children are suffering from fear, anxiety, depression. Teachers are their role models. So, teachers should not panic and should update their knowledge base accurately about this novel virus. Teachers are the nation builders and children are the future citizens. So, teachers should make students aware about this global pandemic and should guide them properly so that no confusion can take place in their young minds. Teachers should take regular online classes and should create an inclusive, safe, supportive environment so that children can continue to learn. Teachers should teach children the ways to maintain personal hygiene and the importance of social distancing. Teachers should regularly communicate with their students and should patiently hear the children’s concerns. Teachers should encourage the students to express their feelings and experiences regarding this disease. In an age appropriate manner, teachers should provide necessary information to students. Teachers should tell students about the social distancing norms i.e. standing away from friends, avoiding direct contact or touch, avoiding long queue or crowded places etc. Teachers should help children to learn the concept of disease pathogenesis, symptoms, prevention and control. Teachers should provide the relevant information only regarding COVID19 so that through teaching each children they can reach out a huge number of families just the way Rabindranath Tagore showed the path-

“A Lamp can only light another

Lamp when it continues to

burn in its own flame.” 

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