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Silver lining in the face of the Covid crisis

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Silver lining in the face of the Covid crisis

We are undoubtedly going through one of the most critical challenges mankind has ever faced. The pandemic, Covid-19 has taken more than 2 million people in its grip worldwide and almost 5% of them have lost the battle to it. SARS-CoV-2, the virus which has brought almost the entire world to its knees is showing no signs of wearing out anytime soon. The reaches of this microscopic creature has surpassed our perception. As if Mother Nature, just with a small stroke of her finger, has made mankind realise of their false sense of power and ability.

Status of our country: In a poor country like ours, where testing and treatment is very limited and where a large section of the population is deprived of basic needs like water and sanitation, the fight is even more daunting. Thousands of people are stranded without food supplies and medication; no shelter and no protection. Unawareness and ignorance of a vast section of the population is an added disadvantage. It’s very hard to see beyond it and to keep faith that there is a silver lining somewhere amongst the dark clouds.

Nature’s relief: A collateral advantage has clearly been how nature has recovered from a few weeks of lockdown in different parts of the world. Air pollution levels have gone down, rivers and oceans have become cleaner. We can hear birds chirping instead of cars honking. All of us have seen how wild animals have found it much safer to walk the streets at various places and how dolphins and turtles are swimming around near many beaches!! The question is can we learn something from here and take it forward with us? Is it mandatory that the only time we can give nature some space to breathe is when we run out of breath? Why can’t we cut down on unnecessary wastage of nature’s resources, on exploiting every bit of her until she recoils in pain? Even when things get back to normal, will a day of self-imposed lockdown ruin things for us?- our progress, our profits, our lifestyles, our entertainment? I think we have been given an opportunity, maybe the very last one, to rethink our lifestyles. We must rise to the occasion and restructure it, prioritising nature’s well being too.

Corona fighters: Another heart-warming picture that has given hope to mankind is the helping hand many people have lent to others in distress. The forerunners in this are the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals across the world that are fighting against time to beat this virus and save lives, putting themselves in the frontline of exposure. Scientists who are working round the clock to develop detection kits, vaccines and medicines are also an asset to us. Kudos to all people working in different fields of essential services and trying their best to keep things going under these unprecedented circumstances. We all know how Google has honoured all of them by creating doodles in their honour!

NGOs and individual social workers: Many individuals and organizations are working relentlessly for people and animals in need of support and help. They are not preaching but rather practicing the saying that the hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray. In various cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Kanpur and in many smaller towns as well, several NGOs are trying to provide basic food supplies to the poor and homeless people. It’s so good to see that even college kids have come forward in various places and helping as many people they can. Restaurant and shop owners are also doing their share by distributing food to the needy.  Many may question the authenticity of these endeavours and the concern is not baseless. But the situation calls for action and I would like to believe those who have gone out of their ways to act and help truly care.  Stray animals who depend on human beings, are suffering severely amidst the lockdown.  Many are helping them through regular supplies of food and water.

An appeal: Below I am sharing just a few of several benevolent steps taken by NGOs and citizens like us to help fellow humans and animals. You may have a look at a few if you like. We may also try to do our share by helping them or others that we may know of. There’s a lot to be done and all efforts count.

Helping the poor and homeless:

Helping the animals:

Lastly I would like to mention that it’s a kind gesture of Adamas University to extend monetary help to the government as well as providing the campus for developing a temporary healthcare facility for the Covid-19 patients. It is through actions that we make our lives worthwhile. The silver lining is that we still have a choice to bring a change and work towards making the earth a better place to live in. So, let’s all do our best and may we emerge out of this as better humans with a more meaningful existence.

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