Student Contributor: Miss. Moupriya Chakraborty. MSc. Biotechnology, SOLB, AU

During the period of revolutionary advancement of human civilization coronavirus attacks us unexpectedly to remind us of the third law of eminent scientist sir “ Issac  Newton” – “Every action has its opposite and equal reaction”. Our impudence affects nature fatally. Nature surrounding us is being contaminated rampantly in the name of human progress. The advent of coronavirus tells all human beings to nourish the natural environment with parental care. If it is violated then the existence of human beings runs in an extinct way. It is a red alert on nature to make aware of all people in the world.

Coronavirus is an obstinate enemy. Its abridged name  COVID-19. It diddles researchers and scientists changing complexion through the way of mutation. Its first advent is found in Wuhan, Hubei province in China on 31st December 2019. From then this invisible enemy of our open eyes spreads rapidly from door to door of various countries in an epidemic form. Now it has reached the pandemic phase. The general symptoms of an infected person are cold dry cough, fever, and acute respiratory problems. Few cases are diagnosed without any symptoms.

The type of this virus is identified eleven in manners. SARS-COV-2, RNA virus is fatal. The victims of two lakhs people tell the middle of May are SARS-COV-2 over the world. The vaccine is invented so far. Lockdown is only a preventive measure to avert community infection. Wearing masks maintaining social distance, washing hands with sanitizer, enhancing immunity power, and the following hygiene should be taken to save ourselves.

In this situation, the entire world is worrying about what will be the scenario after COVID-19. What will be the human psychology after diminishing the wickedness of this pandemic disease? COVID-19 has also engulfed our human civilization in such a unique way that prangs the economy of the world along with tearing human lives. Its rapid engulfment has been reflected in human psychology and human society. The livelihood of people has been plundered abiding by the rules of lockdown. Naturally, human psychology and society are affected.

Mental health and psychological resilience after the COVID-19 pandemic:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading throughout the World resulting in deep concern, mental stress, and fear all of which are not unnatural or abnormal reactions in this grave situation. As the situations are changing, more and more uncertainty is spreading its wings, every person of the society being affected deeply by the changing surroundings and trying to adapt accordingly. The fear of coronavirus is changing our psychology. The threat of contamination can change our psychological responses to ordinary interactions that can lead us to behave in surprising ways. A large portion of our mind is preoccupied with the threat of this novel disease pandemic. For weeks, almost every newspaper has stories about the coronavirus pandemic on its front page; radio and  TV programs have back -to- back coverage on the latest death tolls; media platforms are filled with frightening statistics, practical advice or gallows humor.  As a consequence, the people are becoming more anxious, and in turn, this high level of anxiety is taking toll of our mind and body. The distress is challenging our psychological health deeply. As per example, the fear of the infection is not allowing us to behave like an open-minded responsible adult, but we are being forced to choose traditional behavior more. That is why nowadays intolerance to issues like migration and immigration is becoming more common. Sadly, the pandemic is not only affecting the health of the population but it is killing the transparency of our mindset resulting in a society with inequity.

THE MIND & BODY CONNECTION: Behavioural Immune System

History of the infectious disease tells us the story of how our ancestors became less active due to viral infections. Although our immune system helps us to fight the battle against virus but the aftermath leaves us sluggish and less active. The question is: after we win this battle, will there be a “different me”? The answer is yet to come.

People are victimized for new agony like wearing masks and maintaining a social and physical distance.

  • Human psychology is cultivated now at stake pondering over our future.
  • All sundry people are trying to get rid of unwholesome food and habits preventing themselves from coronavirus taking the importance of nutritious food to enhance immunity power.
  • Young generalists are being disappointed for pondering over for their near future due to arising uncurbed COVID-19 biting circumstances.
  • COVID-19 engirdles children into four walls. Therefore, their child’s play, childhood, hide, and seek play are disrupted due to confinement under adverse circumstances. Their blooming portal will be affected. An outgrowth of their mental talent will be obstructed at the outset. On the other hand, their mental strength will be concentrated hygienically with their studies without parental care.


  • The COVID -19 outbreak affects all segments of the population and is particularly detrimental to members of those social groups in the most vulnerable situations, continues to affect populations, such as people living in dearth situations, aged population, disabled people, the young generation and native people. Early evidence indicates that the health and economic impacts of the virus are being borne largely by the poor and less fortunate people. Here we can talk about homeless people as an example. These people are highly exposed to the contagion due to a lack of proper shelter and self-hygiene. There are millions of less fortunate people all over the World, who do not have the privilege of accessibility to running water; they also tend to suffer greatly from the current pandemic. As a consequence, less fortunate and poor people are dying the most apart from losing jobs and livelihood.
  • It is very clear to us that the social crisis that has been created by the pandemic would result in an unequal society. The only way out seems to be the establishment of policies and rules by the Government that would help to eradicate such racial problems.

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