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Why Adamas University is focused to offer B.Tech Mechanical degrees with Specialisation?

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Why Adamas University is focused to offer B.Tech Mechanical degrees with Specialisation?

Ever wondered just how much of our fast-moving world is dependent on machines!!

The dawn of Industry 4.0 once again proves how Mechanical Engineering can serve as a gateway to various interesting and rewarding career. The oldest of all the branches, Mechanical Engineering requires a deep theoretical background in Physics and Mathematics. Along with specialized knowledge in subject specific areas, a rigid base is build throughout the Degree Course making the aspirants much competent to analyze the physical and environmental aspects. Being a Mechanical Engineering Graduate you can really work on variety of roles which involves in general product or system design, development and installation, operation and maintenance of systems.

Throughout the entire four years program the student gets a chance to get familiarized with a variety of courses, like Engineering Mechanics, Material Science, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Thermal Engineering, Production Technology, Automobile Engineering and Mechanical Design, etc. Courses taught generally starts from brushing up the fundamentals, gradually getting exposed to synergistic integration of multidisciplinary skills and applications.

The core courses offered during the four years Mechanical Engineering degree program generally belong to either one of the following categories:

• Materials and Manufacturing
• Thermal Engineering
• Design Engineering
• Industrial Engineering & Management

Interdisciplinary courses generally opted by the student depends on his/her area of interest while some are enlisted as essential courses.

So a four years enriching Graduation Program and you earned B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, now let’s turn the other page, You Passed Out!

A Graduate – B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

With great grades your resume attracted some of the most reputed Companies. Interview cracking was real easy since you were real confident with your knowledge base of all the subjects and finally bagged the job at once! You become a professional and start meeting people with experience and expertise in the field. Bit by bit the amalgamation of the theory and experience starts taking the bigger role and after a certain time you feel “I should have learnt some more of the topic!” The critical part lies here when this strikes your mind. The gap starts widening between your theoretical knowledge and how you dissect and approach a real life problem with the same. You suddenly start a different mode of learning- learning by doing, learning by solving, learning using your analytical skills more than the contemporary text books.

What is Model-Based Approach to Engineering studies?

Let’s take up an example of Product Modification in terms of design. Today’s digital era offers opportunities throughout the design process of any product to make significant changes, which ultimately impact the future of manufacturing systems adapted. Adamas University provides a scope for its Mechanical graduates to bring together the concepts from multiple domains with a vision to adapt the model-based approach to design and manufacturing. It starts with the concept imbibed within the students to clearly visualize that the geometry of a product is just one way of describing it. While you enrol to pursue Design specialization in Mechanical Engineering the aspirant is mentored to clearly comprehend and validate activities in the focus of design and manufacturing which
generally includes:

• Evolution of system requirements
• System design
• Performance Analysis
• Verification and Validation

The Specialisation Degree offered by Adamas University brings together the value and expectations of Design engineering while fostering a Mechanical graduate.

How Specialisation Degrees can help achieve your Goal?

Remember Engineers must possess the ability to solve problems! The Degree must be a complete package which provides concrete understanding of the subjects for the students to take up challenges to meet the fast changing technological advancements. Adamas University emphasises mainly on creating Engineers with strong analytical skills. In the current market, majority of the Companies are looking for people with a thirst for excellence. Graduates with concept and skill are high in demand
and here lies the answer how pursing specialisation courses will be an added advantage for a young aspirant. The program features Capstone Projects at the end of each semester involving creation of a roadmap to achieve a self-established Design Engineering professional goal. For example a Mechanical engineering graduate with specialisation in Design Engineering will put in meticulous efforts to achieve expertise in design, analysis and maintenance of different machine parts and along with a certified degree he/she obtains dexterity in designing various electromechanical, fluid, thermal systems. Students are encouraged to craft a roadmap to achieve personal focused goals related to a particular domain, which help them leverage relevant opportunities. The culminating project work endows a tangible element to be included in their professional portfolios which clearly showcases their knowledge of the specialisation achieved.

The Future Show

There lies an enormous possibility for new and innovative solutions to problems in a growing range of areas as you complete the program.

The recent trends in Design engineering is gradually shrinking in scale, where Engineers are working on designing microelectromechanical and even nanoelectromechanical devices and systems that may be invisible by nature but serves as an integral part to the latest technologies. Digitalization and cross fertilization of ideas serves a key role to foster innovation. The simple perceptive of “the right information, in the right place, at the right time” should flow is what creates a potential Design
Engineer. Graduates must work on creating incredibly complex machines serving across a no. of emergent and diverse range of fields, from perennially important industries such as automotive and manufacturing to emerging high-tech areas like aeronautics, biotechnology, and robotics.

Adamas University with its new dimension courses offers the aspirants a right platform to realize their fascination to comprehend on how things work and build useful machines of the future!! If you really think of obtaining something beyond mere degree certificates, Adamas University is ready to provide the extra mileage while you kick-start your career in Mechanical Engineering.

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