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World Beyond Covid 19: The New Normal


World Beyond Covid 19: The New Normal

The pandemic which is nothing less than a global crisis, a history of which we are a part of, has in itself justified  to bring in changes dramatically in every sphere. Although the proportions of dynamic impact cannot be asserted as of now, yet we’ve seen in the past with SARs Covid that even if things recover, each crisis leaves behind immense permanent changes. Illustrations of The Black Death of 14th Century, The 1918 Global Flu Pandemic, The Global Recession of 2007-09 may be accentuated upon which had precipitated changes from the policies at workplace to the governance methodologies.

To start with the technological changes it will be worth it to emphasize that Technology will be considered to be one aspect of reshaping the world specially the professional and working sphere. Covid-19 has spurred adoption of technology specifically in the working sphere wherein courses are being completed online, webinars are being conducted, Video conferencing for court hearings has been adopted, Ministerial meetings are taking place via video conferencing, decisions being taken and are being circulated via technology.

Beyond Covid-19 at the most certain level states and nations will consider in increasing and investing on healthcare infrastructure instead of spending on other things like military technologies or any other thing which is only because of the reason to maintain its prestige in the International Community.

Socially articulating, individuals per se will be more concerned not only about their physical health but also their mental health considering that the stages of lockdown throughout the world has increased the impact of psychological consequences for every other individual. The pandemic hasn’t failed for a matter of fact to explore and highlight the economic vulnerability of some of the segments of the society. Social distancing being mandated throughout the nations has led to the loss of the jobs for many of the workers from different sections of the society. Policy makers haven’t failed across the political spectrum to rapidly shore up the safety nets.

Furthermore, the lockdown throughout the world, has led the farmers and the strata of such people to think beyond the conventional markets. It is witnessed in most part of the world that these groups are now connecting directly with the consumers through to sell the produce.

For the generation upcoming, the post pandemic “new normal” will just be “normal” The impact of the generational shift will likely to be profound. Business transformations, societal living, behavioral change, increase in conflict are some of the major shifts for inter generational capacity that the world is likely to witness beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.

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