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#BrandCommPlus: Positive Brand Communication In The Present Scenario Of Covid-19

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#BrandCommPlus: Positive Brand Communication In The Present Scenario Of Covid-19

During this recent pandemic most organizations is dealing with an economic slowdown or trying to overcome the financial crisis happened during the shutdown. In regard to this, marketing strategy is need of the hour. A lot of creativity is also required for obligatory economic boost which should ensure the effective brand communication strategy that endures to the target audiences or consumers. This is probably the most testing time for most brands to connect with their audience. To cheer up the economic scenario, most brands have adapted the convergent media with effective communication which not only entails the business but to highlight the positive side of it. For this the strategy of brand communication has changed its phenomenon of ‘appeal’. The rational and emotional appeal has been blended together for effective communication.

Although COVID 19 has disrupted the way the world’s normalcy it has shown the power of communication especially in digital platform. One cannot go out but one can have all kind of services by sitting at home. The product list is endless and needless to mention here.

So the question comes how the different brands are building a connection with potential new customers and simultaneously maintaining its existing consumers.

  Recent brands have adapted the following techniques:

  • By adapting sales model
  • Hash tag skills- engage in relevant hash tags
  • Supporting who are at major risk or are vulnerable
  • Digital communication to make your audience stick to
  • Entertainment quotient
  • Inform
  • Engagement
  • Compliments
  • Free trials
  • Communication Transparency
  • Coupons
  • Offers
  • Awareness 

Attributes require for positive construction of messages-

  • Social Platform-

During this period, social media is the dominant channel of communication which is the main factor for people to engage in various things. They able to create distancing, their online activity has not only increased but has probably become the primary means of communication with others. With easy internet access especially Facebook, a number of different OTT platforms, and an estimated 380 million user in India are using social media. To increase the brand visibility through organic means and with each platform having a different style of content and catering to a different type of consumer, creativity will be required in creating content specific to the target platform.

  • Remote Customer Service-

Reaching to the potential customers with broader service facility should be adopted. The customer service at home is the new normal and need of the hour. Now a day various brands highlighting the aspect of home bound service with proper pre caution which eventually builds the trust among the audiences.

  • Redefine the as usual marketing approach-

The period of reassess the communication strategy is highly essential. The older method of connecting with the people through conventional marketing approach should be revamped and redesign the 360 degree convergent media techniques should be adopted to be at par with the digital communication integrated marketing phenomenon.

  • Empathetic approach-

In this uncertain time, the people are struggling with their own problem. In this time the best way to connect with the audience is to have empathetic approach. The brand could well connect with the people if the consumers feel that it cares for them. It could have rational approach by disseminating proper information which should be free of weasel claims or exaggerated content.

  • Deciphering Educational Content-

Now the brands are generally educating and informing the public. So by adapting new innovative approach with animation, humour it has become more focussing on educating the public. 

Recent Example:


Newer  Approach



Spread Good Habits and Stay Protected



Adapted Hash Tag (#covid19 wash your hand campaign)


Bajaj Anti Germ Fan

A fan which cleans germs!

Weasel Claim


Hygienic Hand Sanitizer claims ‘our commitment to fight Covid-19’


‘Multani Kuka’- cough syrup

Get your immunity boosted with stay home stay safe campaign

Weasel Claim

Revital- Energy Tablet

Immunity booster that fights for Corona virus


Lizol- Disinfectent

Fights for viruses and makes healthy


Dairy Milk from Cadbury

Empathy for ones service


Zomato- home delivery

With all safety measures… that they work for you to be at home


Urban Company

Safe Salon at home service


For any business in these times each and every action it will take could be have excellent or negative impact to the brand. However, by using empathy to dexterity an edifying social media campaign, it could reach its targeted audience eventually. The focus should not adapt the factual content rather it should entice the real pragmatic approach to deal with the audiences or consumers. There is an opportunity for reviving the image of the brand and to show that it genuinely cares about its potential consumers.


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