Conflict communication is one of the papers you study while pursuing mass communication as it is offered as an elective paper. Now many questions will come in your mind regarding this subject – what is
Video Conferencing The word video conferencing was constrained to its individuals or Big MNCs. A video meeting is a live, visual association between at least two individuals, dwelling in discrete areas with the end goal
Communication, they say, is the key to maintain global peace and equilibrium. However, peace and equilibrium seem farfetched in the prevailing crisis situation. As Covid-19 ravages the world, people are increasingly getting to comprehend the
The pandemic Covid 19 has only proved the importance of communication in our daily lives. Though we practiced physical distancing to keep the virus away, but we were able to communicate with our near and
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What is New Media? New media is any media that is delivered to the people through digital means. Any medium through which you can distribute digital content, for example, email, podcast, smartphone applications, streaming video