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Destructive innovation for Mechanical Engineering

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Destructive innovation for Mechanical Engineering

Being innovative means doing things differently or doing things that have never been done before. An innovator is someone who has embraced this idea and creates environments in which employees are given the tools and resources to challenge the status quo, push boundaries and achieve growth. Mechanical Engineering is the keyway which is used to convert the innovative idea to a realistic model. But without destroying it is not possible to create any innovation. In regards to creativity, it means that, to be creative, you have to destroy preconceived notions, ideas, or parts of a problem. If you’re going to be creative you have to look at something you believe and make it false (or lesser true) to spur creative insights. In essence: a creative thought is one that destroys original thought. Creative ideas shake up what we believe, they destroy known concepts, but what they destroy they replace with something worthwhile. Like the auto company Tesla proving that electrical cars can be sustainable and luxurious, Apple showing the world what a smartphone should be with the iPhone, or Dali demonstrating that artwork can go beyond surrealism. Therefore, to be creative, you simply need to find something to destroy. It’s by destroying something old and replacing it with something new, something potentially much better, that the world (and we, as artists and creatives) grow. Mechanical Engineering plays a vital role in innovation and destruction. Innovative idea is built up by the destruction of the older idea or older product for Mechanical Engineering. I give an example, as a design engineer whatever the product has to design always thinks in mind how much force is applied in this product for destroy. I describe some of the new technology based on the mechanical concept related to innovation and Destruction.

Solar Technology:- Innovation:-(Solar Tree): Ministry of Science and Technology has come up with a ‘Solar Power Tree’, an innovative way to generate electricity using solar power in a limited space. Following features are available for Solar Tree, • It reduces the requirement of land as compared to conventional solar photovoltaic layout. • It takes only 4square feet of land for installing a 5KW solar power tree. • It can harness up to 10-15% more power in comparison to a conventional layout on the ground. • It has a battery back-up of 2 hours on full load and can give light even after sunset. It develops by the CMERI Durgapur a laboratory of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, the solar power tree model is designed like a tree with branches made of steel to hold the photovoltaic.

Destruction: – The International Renewable Energy Agency in 2016 estimated there were about 250000 metric tonnes of solar panel waste in the world at the end of that year. Solar panels often contain lead, cadmium, and other toxic chemicals that cannot be removed without breaking apart the entire panel. Lead, cadmium and other toxic chemicals are polluted our society and various disease are attracted to human life. So, this technology is also harmful to society.

Nano Technology: – Innovation: -Nanoscience and nanotechnology is one of the most important researches in the 21st century. The application of nanotechnology for mechanical manufacturing as a point of departure, discussed the nano-material technology, nano-processing technology, nano-assembly technology and nano-measurement technology in mechanical manufacturing, and described the resulting theory nano-mechanics which was different from the traditional mechanics. Moreover, the important role of nanotechnology for the development of mechanical manufacturing. The Application of nanotechnology for cancer therapy has received considerable attention in recent years. In the automotive industry, nanotechnology applications are manifold. They reach from power train, light-weight construction, energy conversion, pollution sensing and reduction, interior cooling, wear reduction, driving dynamics, surveillance control, up to recycle potential and much more.

Destruction: -Russian military uses nanotechnology to build the world’s most powerful nonnuclear bomb, which is used to destroy any developed country within a minute. Another application of nanotechnology i,e Human health. Nano Elements that are microscopic poses a greater threat to the human body than other elements that are easily visible with naked eyes. Each nanoparticle has different qualities and features; thus, their effect also differs and thus might prove very dangerous to human health. Infect, many studies say that some nanoparticles grow naturally in our bodies which also has some short- and long-term health risks.

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