India played a significant role in the Information Technology wave globally. A constant supply of technical talent, proficiency in English, business synergies with OECD countries, first moving advantages and dynamic leadership give it a dominance
Virus and Vibrations
by Saikat Chaterjee
on March 30, 2020
A key to smart supply chain management
by Soodipa Chakraborty
on April 11, 2020
A key to smart supply chain management: Utilising Smart Manufacturing Technologies to address real time demand and supply crisis within Industries amidst the Covid-19 outbreak   The impact of the global Covid-19 epidemic is evolving
A brief overview about FDM 3D Printers Production sector has always been a cosmic area to explore and ever since the evolution of man-kind, people has been working on the conventional methods like casting, forging
“Quantum Computers” – a word that was unheard to most of us even two decades ago has now stimulated the scientific community with a hope to provide breakthroughs in Science, Medicine and Machine Learning etc.