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Economics, social science, fun to read for all

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Economics, social science, fun to read for all

Economics. A word that sparks curiosity as well as fright amongst many of us. Yes we come across these in headlines or in the front pages of the leading dailies…but the subject has an intimidating feeling which make us hesitant to delve into it deeper.

This pandemic again has brought economics to forefront. We are hearing, seeing so many policy prescriptions to combat the crisis. While some say the government should print new money others are of the opinion that it will lead to inflation. Some we understand, many we don’t. All because we don’t want to delve deeper into the spiral of economic jargons, that we feel, a little bit tough for us to understand.

Today, economics has made our lives easier. Be it in the form of e-commerce, or e-payment, or e-shopping, or in the form of online shopping portals like, e-bay. Everybody would definitely admit, that all the so called “E” in our lives, or the words prefixed with “E” is making our life easier every day.

Economics is a social science. It has close ties with history, politics. How society changes gets reflected into economic theories and again economic theories reflect back into society. This wheels of dialectics makes the subject alive.

Just look around you. The time that we are going through during this coronavirus pandemic is a very bad time for economy. Be it of the world, or for our country. Everybody is in a tough economic situation. States as well as individual persons are being directly affected by this current economic condition. People are losing their jobs, companies are compelled to cut job, salaries are slashed, businesses are down, ground workers, daily laborers are fearing whether they would get the same daily wage after the pandemic is over. Economists are researching and suggesting the governments to take new steps to harness the down falling economy.

In a way, everybody is affected. Whether it is a daily wage earner, or a salaried person, or a businessman. You, me, we, us, just everyone.

In a time like this, it has become really important for everyone to understand what the current economic situation is demanding from them. Now is the very time to learn more about economy and economics.

Yes, I know that sometimes economics can get tedious, due to its usage of mathematics and calculations and everything that we fear the most. But you should know that, they are just the tools that are used to learn more about the subject. Tools to analyze results. Don’t let them demoralize you. Because as an economist your ultimate aim is to explain the logic and story behind the mathematics, data. Just like the archaeologists, who use many tools to dig the long lost articles of history within the earth, but their ultimate aim is to know about them, not to dig, with their shovels and all.

Lastly, I would like to say, just embrace the subject of economics. Because, for economics, the world is the laboratory, where you can and will tread upon in search of new possibilities, and don’t get confined in a laboratory room like other subjects to find out something that’s yet to be found.

It’s just like the adventurer who has set out on a voyage of the unknown, to see new places, learn new things, which will ultimately help him in achieving something no one has ever achieved and let him prosper like no one has ever been.

So, embark into the ship of economics to be on that unique voyage that would let you shape the economy of the world as well as your country, and your career.

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