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Impact of Covid-19 on Automobile Industries

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Impact of Covid-19 on Automobile Industries

Since January, 2020 Covid-19 or Corona virus spread all over the world and create a situation the WHO have to declare this is a Pandemic for world. That creates a heavy impact in economic, industries, social life everywhere. Oil market is a not a exception from that. Two big oil market area like Russia and maximum area of gulf countries like Iran, Iraq, UAE etc are in situation that creates a heavy impacts in oi market globally. As virus is spreading beyond Asia then Europe that suffer the continuous loss in oil market. Even in India that lockdown creates less oil consumption through out country. So daily oil demand is decreasing day by day. More over if we can concentrate on some reason that happened after the effect of say precession of Covid-19 that crating demand factor low for oil market. Worldwide travelling through jet is stopped that creates a huge demand effect of oil market.

Another market that is direct related to oil and energy scenario of global system is Automobile Industries. In this pandemic situation even Automobile Industries are facing a very dull production rate. It will be a proper time to devote and develop a good market analysis for Electric Vehicle. Here new dimension for Electrical engineers will open and that can creates a new area in future. In few days back EV was establish in just research area but now a day its practical implementation is creating a great impact in consumer end as well. Every big companies like Tesla, BMW,Ford Nissan amd many more.

Why Electrical Engineering is necessary here:

One of professional path in Engineering is Electrical Engineering that deals with the knowledge and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Now a days paradigm of Electrical Engineering is changing, in today’s world we are in crisis situation with power as natural resources are limited and decreasing days of day. It becomes essential to utilize the renewable resources and make effective less pollution in nature. For both the concept electric vehicle spotted very effectively. Its changing the dimension of Automobile industries. This is happening with support of Electrical Engineering Knowledge.

Benefits of Electric vehicle

  1. Low Running cost:

EV have the advantage of low running cost phenomenon that can attracted easily the consumers even analysis say its almost one third of the petrol value per kilometre. 

  1. Low Maintenance:

In compare to IC engine EV has low amount of moving parts that makes it less maintenance and economically benefits to all purpose, starter motor, fuel injection system, radiator and many parts is not required for EV.

  1. Other Savings:

Some Australian states offer some extra advantage for those who own EV. With many benefits from government one very focusable one is for registration EVs does not creates any stamp duly charge.

  1. Eco friendly system:

EV is much eco friendly and less polluted device to have in present time.  An EV does not have any exhaust emission and does not emit green hose gases. Diesel cars emit NOX, SOX etc. which is the main reason for acid rain. Volatile organic compound also not emit from EVs .otherwise CO, CO2, CH4 etc. does not emit from EVs.

  1. Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy can be creates as key features for EV utilization by which we can creates greenhouse gas emission even further. EV can also be recharged with hybrid combination with solar PV for creats a isolation grid system.

  1. Energy Sources:

There are various energy sources for EVs. Like lithium-ion batteries, ultra capacitors, gasoline, diesel, compressed natural gas, ultra fly wheel, petrol, hydrogen etc. batteries stores energy in the form of chemical and converts it to electrical. Ultra capacitor stores energy in the form of electrostatic form. Flywheel stores energy in the form of mechanical energy. Compressed natural gas has higher specific energy than liquid but low charge density. Hydrogen has high energy density than liquid but requires high compressed storage state so it requires lot of accessories. 

  1. Health Benefits:

EV does not polluted air in terms it does not exhaust any unwanted substance in air that reduce air pollution as well creates health benefits as well. EVs are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicle that creates less notice pollution.

  1. National Energy consumption scenario:

At present India has a huge demand of petrol consumption that petrol maximum we have to import from gulf countries but with use of EV and renewable energy resources that consumption rate can be reduce that can creates a huge earning benefits for country.

EV with New Indian Automobile Industries Dimension:

Indian scenario will be changed with revolution of Electric Vehicles. It has already in note of automakers, heavy engineering firms and even state-owned oil marketing companies here. Many have already announced plan for an EV foray or are in the process of doing so.

Stand To Gain More By Hopping Onboard of the EV: 

Public Transport

EVs can create standard public transport more reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective. To make a successful transport and public transportation via EVs a lot of charging station need to establish that can generate a lot of revenue to the firm.

Power companies

It is a great responsibility for power sector of India to produce a large surplus amount of power to facilities EVs need.

Renewable Power Farms

Renewable sources like Solar Wind face a huge economical loss due to Pear hour condition. These losses can be optimized with demand of EV charging with use of renewable sources.

Battery Manufacturers

A recent study showed that if global sales of EVs touch 8 million vehicles as much as $60 bn worth of batteries will have to be sold to cater to this volume. Battery is most important part in the devices. Day by day battery manufacturing companies are investing on R&D sector to improve batteries module.

In a summarized  EV is not going to only change the view of automobile industries but also it will amplified many industries that create a good job market for Electrical Engineers specially.


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