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The covid-19 made people home bound. Government has declared lockdown from March 24th 2020 and it may be over from May 3rd 2020 hopefully or can be extended if the situation won’t come under control. When the phase of ‘stays home stay safe’ was promoted and appealed to the people by the government, everyone was wandering how they can survive!

It is as simple as when it is best way to understand is ‘jo dar gaya, samjho bach gaya’ (a person who panics, stays alive). Here panic signifies with stay alert and should take effective measures not to go out and assimilate. The Heroism does not stand with the famous dialogue by the character Gabbar Singh in the illustrious Hindi potboiler ‘Sholay’ to disinject courage in all fields of competition to these days.
But, sorry Gabbar, you are wrong in today’s framework.

We can say ‘together we win’. No, not ‘together’ anymore. These days it is ‘alone I win’ or you will have desecrated social distancing, the only effective measure against the spread of the virus so far.

But again in the presence of Facebook why should one think about ‘alone’ or lonely????
Lockdown means ‘a situation in which people are being restricted not to roam in a social gathering nor they can roam freely in public because of the emergency pandemic situation on being affected.  This situation has a seemingly inconsequential decision that can have a huge impact on someone’s life.

Then the proverb seems to be true ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’……

The above proverb is very much relatable in this present lockdown period. One can ask how?

Facebook proved to be the best platform to showcase your talent. In a recent study says that the usage of the all age group (18 to 60) has been increased to 85% than in January 2020.  Facebook has been proved as the biggest network society where all human beings round the world connected through smart phone. 

Personal Communication- It is like nano content or consumption of the messages. One need not have to contribute, create or share; rather they can only consume the ongoing trends of Facebook by giving many reactions to it. This is safest though!

Interpersonal Communication- One can chat or send messages to friend(s). It’s a two way process includes sharing, creating and contributing the liked things on Facebook.

Group Communication- Facebook gives the user to have separate groups of alike behaviours or same interest of people. It includes numerous categories to food, comic, horror, satire, memes and so on……

Mass Mediated Communication- Facebook has turned into global village where any person can contact with another with similar interest or have any particular perspectives.

Facebook as a new age of communication

The Talent is getting Explored ………

Recent lockdown in India is witnessing the various talents of individuals which are getting showcased through the platform of Facebook and it is eventually proved to be the stress buster and method of satisfaction. The following are the glimpse of these explored of talents.

  • Culinary Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Love for Pet
  • Elderly care
  • Time and amusement with kids
  • Self care
  • Craft
  • Reading habits
  • Consuming Movies
  • Gym at home
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Planting
  • Etc, etc, and the list goes on……….. 

New Mode of Storytelling

Before Lockdown phase, people are likely hesitant to post their creations (yes the above mentioned activity is a tremendous way of the story telling method). But in amidst of these home bound state where you have to stay back and nothing to do…. generally the ideas, unique way of doing something and that to make people aware of it through effective narration is nothing but the newer mode of storytelling perhaps. 


  • Here again we take up the proverb of ‘‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’- why it is relevant in the context of Talent showcasing through Facebook? It is because when the necessity of the contemporary times to be at home, one needs to find out the way out to be happy and healthy (both physically and mentally).
  • The first phase of the lockdown sees people suffering and battling with their own self articulating how can one be at home not going out? Not assimilating with my distant friends or so. But eventually the virtual assimilation paves the way for not feeling isolated rather it’s a good time for showing others or showcase the talent of yours.

So let everyone showcase their talents more through Facebook and everyone should stays home…. stay safe is the mantra and remember ‘jo dar gaya, samjho bach gaya’ (a person who panics, stays alive).

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