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VALUABLE CONTENT MARKETING: A strategy to succeed.

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VALUABLE CONTENT MARKETING: A strategy to succeed.

Among the modern strategy adopted by modern or smart marketers today is strategy of content marketing.  Valuable content marketing is an attempt how to make quality content the key to success of any business today. Marketing has changed if you do not change, perhaps you will be out of business. Question comes to mind of young management graduates today what content should do. Content may be anything in the form of text, graphics or images which is relevant and interesting message for a customer, prospects, and a lead.  Valuable content is just that valuable. I may appeal to future managers must know valuable content before your competitor do or else you will be sorry.

In management education some educators believe in the philosophy that the best way of learning is to relearn. As like managers must un-think what he/she learn is sales & marketing communication. In today’s technical savvy, smart shopper’s old style marketing communication no longer works. If you are a smart manager you can attract business that chase business then only valuable content marketing for you. Challenge to engage your potential customers and help your organization stand out of the crowd, by doing the things differently.

STOP pushing noisy sales managers get online and make your marketing valuable   to those you want to do business with, from websites to white papers, blogs to tweets, and newsletter to videos, not more than ever CONTENT IS KING.

What should content do:

  • Content must have the power to move your audience towards your brand or company.
  • Must earn attention in order to move your audience towards your products and services. That is only possible strategic content developer to make fascinating to audience.
  • In order to make your content interesting or relevant to viewers use techniques like humor, stories, slice of life, dramatization, demonstration or emotion.
  • Content is worth consuming it is being read, listened watched or share.
  • Content must have a spark which can be create by a sales person, customers, channel partners, CEO or any other stake holders. Valuable content developer must be curious about everything in the organization may be music, technology or a rocket science.
  • Valuable content is voice of your organization.
  • Effective content use head line which command attention. As because a study reveals that people read three times head line than the body copy. It is because of distracting human nature and information over loaded.
  • Good heal line can hook and pull the audience reason being it is useful to audience, solve a problem, and engage them.
  • The head line must be single focused point which must have specific objectives.
  • Every piece of content should teach audience which resulted into purchase, use more of the company’s product, or referral to new customer. Ogilvy once remarked if your advertisement could not make a sale it’s a waste.

Valuable content marketing strategy shows you how to create and share the type of information that clients, customers, and search engine or tags really want. No doubt valuable content marketing strategy will show you how to grow your business by raising awareness of your brand , turning prospects into buyers and buyers into loyal customers. Valuable content marketing strategy is a tool for management practitioner, entrepreneurs, technocrats, researchers above all future managers i.e. students of management to succeed in any business.

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