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Is Corona a curse to human or boon to the world!


Is Corona a curse to human or boon to the world!

 “Novel Coronavirus” is the only name all over the world’s newspaper now. It was started to spread by the end of 2019 and people became aware of this for the last two months. Even Hollywood has started making a movie recently on this named “Coronavirus: A silent killer”- wow!! Though in the age of globalization, diplomats have commented on this, “the world is a victim of political conspiracies”. But that’s not a big deal for us as we are disrupted from normal life today.

Now the noticeable fact is where the world is heading. So, first of all, we need to think about what do we mean by ‘the world’? In 1878, seeing the Taj Mahal one ambassador of British king said, “there are two kinds of people-one who have seen the Taj Mahal and another who has never seen Taj Mahal”. In the same way, the world can be divided into two- world with human and without human. Without human!! We can never think of it. Even we understand the whole world means all people of the world.

This time we are going to think biologically the “human” species as five other species, just to see where Corona is taking the future of the earth. After that, we will see what is the position of “human- the best creature” in the coming world. So, the overall discussion of the subject is from the point of view of nature and human. We have to judge on both sides.

So, we shall look at the position of the world in terms of the evolution of human civilization from beginning to present day. In the history of human civilization, the day human discovered fire, probably set fire to the coffin of their death. However, if the discovery is blocked, the development of knowledge, in fact, the whole nation is blocked. So without going into the context of how many blessings or curses science has, in today’s civilization, notably, human disease is healing the world.

Lockdown is going on worldwide today. When the species that are monopolized all over the world are house captive, it is easy to see that along with human captivity, artificiality is also a hindrance. So, human civilization started giving nature the gift of pollution is off now. News says O3 is filling its gap itself. Migratory birds that were deprived of their regular arrival due to natural causes are returning to places. Witnessing the “sacred Ganga” which was threatened by severe pollution, Kolkata and Howrah are now silent visitors. The arctic is also indirectly benefitting. The fact that “weather is also changing due to this captivity” is a testament to the misfortune of Bengali month “Baishakh”. In the stillness of all technological civilizations, the world seems to have returned from the boundaries of the old age of youth. Where environmental scientists say “Earth is becoming a fireball, the day of the submerged earth is not far away”, even Tokyo residents could not breath one morning a few years back – such an improvement in nature is truly astonishing.

So when many people think that this virus is leading the world to destruction, it can be said that it is not at least reasonable to link the death of people of the world to the destruction of the world.

Truth be told, the world is regaining its soul.

Such a line can easily be said. But, if a disease like Corona gradually leads man to the pit of death then who is left to enjoy the next beautiful world!!

An article named “Desh” was issued in the month of March in Anandabazar Patrika said, “WHO has declared the disease a pandemic and it is not possible to come to a big decision right now”. Again in this issue when lockdown did not start, the benefits of the disease were discussed in a different light. They believe people would be habituated with precautionary measures like using a mask, hand wash, etc. against pollution.

So this time the only question remains is who will enjoy the beauty of the future? Incidentally, the devastation of Spanish flu in 1920 was also fatal. The only difference is that the media did not improve that time and the scientific methods of taking statistical data may not be as public as it is now. Yet that was a terrible chapter in history. Again that chapter has other benefits. After world war I, the world was thought to have survived some of the most horrific political democracy. And now it is needless to say a clean world is waiting because of Corona.

Corona will end sooner or later.

Then what? Undoubtedly, where the world’s economy will stand is a matter of concern. However, since the beginning of the 20th century, a large scale of a direct or indirect way of pollution has been one of the leading causes of human death- which will be lesser because of Corona, it may be said.

But overall, one thing can never be good or bad. Especially when it comes to life and death. Yet, is it wrong to call it the good side of Corona?

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