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Career with Drone Technology

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Career with Drone Technology

A Drone is an airborne robot that can work remotely or freely in assistance with on-board sensors and GPS using software-controlled flight strategy in its system. It is a smaller type unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) .The operation of a drone is controlled by remote. Sometimes we use quad copter which is also a type of drone. It is  a small remote-operated aircraft like a helicopter, with four rotor/blades that go around on top, used particularly to take pictures of things from air.

How quad copter/drone work:

Quad copter is a particular category of drone that is operated by four rotors so it is called a quad-rotor or a quad-rotor helicopter. Quad copters normally use two couples of indistinguishable propellers; two clockwise (CW) and two anticlockwise (ACW). These utilize independent deviation of the speed of each rotor to get control to maintain balance. By continuously varying the speed of rotor it is possible to produce a desired total  force; to locate for the centre of force both longitudinally and tangentially; and generate a required torque. Drone is a broad area of any category of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is not restricted to only four rotors. Drones are either controlled by remote control or by on board computers.

Basic concepts of quad copter/drone and helicopter is almost same but differ in structure. Quad-copter use rotors which are able to change pitch of the blades as they rotate around the rotor hub. But anyway earlier prototypes were very limited and performance of quad-copter was very poor. But recently the components of Basic Drone belongs to advanced microcontroller along with embedded firmware resulted low-cost lightweight flight controllers, Inertial measurement Unit, GPS (Global Positioning System) and cameras. Conventional Helicopters are having more mechanical complexity, size is bigger and also cost is high. The blades size of quad-copter are smaller and they acquire low kinetic energy, lowering their ability to cause break. If blade size increases their momentum also increases and this gives negative impact on control. Quad copters are steadier than helicopters due to the suitable understanding of the centre of gravity.

Utilization of Drones and Quad copters in various areas

Drones are mostly used in   military aircraft. They carry attacks, carry out surveillance and based on that provide rescue operations. Drones can be utilised in commercial uses. They can carry medicines from medical stores and provide service to patients. Drone discovers its use in airborne Photography/ Videography. Drones are also helpful for farmers and Agriculture drone also came into market. Presently Amazon (Online Market) also uses Drone for shipping and delivery purposes. . In few countries drones used to report and authenticate   news on events that include wars, earthquake or illegal activities in huge crowd.

Quad-copter can be also used for photography and aerial videos but with limited height and distance. In quad copter, utilization of radio frequency is also restricted and remote control is having limited operation. Recreational quad copters are commonly subject to lower directives than other types of drones. Quad copters are usually used for fun.

Finally we know the use of drones to collect geographic data has quickly been accepted by the geographic data collection community as an important data assembling tool. So moral and legal related issues about collecting geographic data using drones can be categorised into four main areas: licence policy/regulation, privacy, safety/security, and noise.

Job Opportunity in   Drone Industry:

Drone skill has wide applications in various areas. In the coming days, its variety will more expand and unfalteringly figure our daily needs. From surveillance to agriculture to manufacture to surveying to constructions to smart cities, drone expertise is more and more being organized to improve effectiveness and finally productivity. So after completion of Engineering if students have knowledge of Drone Technology along with project based learning then they are having lots of job opportunity in various companies. Around 50 companies are working under drone in India. Indiairstrobotics, Aerotics Technology, Hire and Freeze Manpower Solution, Aarav Unmanned Systems, Aurora Integrated Systems pvt Ltd, Drone Aviation Etc.

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