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Management Education is the need of the hour


Management Education is the need of the hour

“In the business people with expertise, experience and evidence will make more profitable decisions than people with instinct, intuition and imagination.”
― by Amit Kalantri.

Well, considering the fact of global business situation and socio-economical aspect, it’s believed that a formal Management Education is, not only the need of hour, but also it’s a professional essentiality of current era.

What is the concept of ‘Management’ all about?
Fundamentally it can be defined as, managing effectively within limited resource, within stipulated time period, with all due professionalism; centring which all organizations look for budding professionals with following essential & requisite skill sets.

a) An Expert with functional and domain understanding.
b) A Professional with matching Management skills for the role.
c) An individual with right attitude to un-learn, further re-learn.
d) An individual with right attitude and adaptability.
e) An individual with dynamic behavioural traits of patience, understanding & analysation.

“Management is the dynamic life-giving element in every business. Without it the resources of production remain resources and never become production” – by Peter Duker.

Referring to current era of dynamic, high competitive, knowledgeable as well as demanding consumer fraternity; in age of super-fast & rapidly advancing technology evolving in unabridged scale, there have evolved high needs of skilled management professionals all through irrespective industry.

It is indeed a good & relevant management degree helps to be ready with –

  • Research & analytic blend,
  • Communicative and interpersonal skill,
  • Leadership & Can-do attitude.

It is, irrespective of the field of study, as like Basic Science, Technology, Social Science, Life Science, commerce so on and so forth, management education helps to develop other skills which are effective in towards overall organizational growth.

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.” by– Mortimer Adler

Recent report says that, each year, about 3,60,000 students passes out from approx 4000 B-Schools in India, in accordance to on-going business & corporate format, every organisation in India, in today’s context, immediately needs a 3-fold management graduate to surge-up the business processes ahead.

In the flip side, it is not just a simple management degree, rather a management degree from a recognised and valued University/ Institution, endowed with eminent academicians & scholars, guides the students with best of practical skills, which makes them positively employable.

Hence choosing the University/ Institution is essentially very crucial & momentous. Before choosing the right B-School, it’s important to see following factors –

• Academic Infrastructure
• Academic team (ideally should be combination of pure academicians & industry leaders)
• Pedagogy
• Latest syllabus
• Industry connect and industrial project
• Seriousness in right internship
• Soft skill & grooming eco-system

According to Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), in 2018 – 19, more than 70% of employers are planning to hire MBA graduates all across the world. The opportunities and scopes are on an increasing trend for MBA graduates ahead; but the question in mind remains stagnant that prior to taking up MBA study, which of the specialization shall result on to successful career scope in near future. Following two recent survey report probably going to help on it.
The table below shows the statistics on the growing percentage of all the top sectors to work Post-MBA in India



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