Management Education is the need of the hour
by Abhijitg Giri
on April 7, 2020
What does it to take to get through a job interview? How much skill does one need to become successful in his/her professional field? What makes a leader in today’s organizations? There is no one-dimensional
Among the modern strategy adopted by modern or smart marketers today is strategy of content marketing.  Valuable content marketing is an attempt how to make quality content the key to success of any business today.
BBA as a Career- A Multidimensional Opportunity
by Gouranga Patra & Prithvish Bose
on May 12, 2020
Selection of Career: In today’s scenario, it is a very challenging task for students and parents to select an option for study after the completion of higher secondary. The job market is very volatile in
Co-Contributor : Mr. Mainak Chakraborty, Teaching Assistant, School of Management, Adamas University Curtain – raiser Consumers are the backbone of any economy. The consumption expenditure adds up to a significant amount in GDP. The world