Master of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics: A Guide to Potential Drug Delivery | Adamas University

Master of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics: A Guide to Potential Drug Delivery

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Master of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics: A Guide to Potential Drug Delivery

Pharmaceutics-What this deals with?

Pharmaceutics is a specialization of pharmaceutical sciences that deals with the science and technology of delivering therapeutically efficacious entities to the body through the various courses of actions and strategies intended to evoke the desired therapeutic efficacy. Knowledge of the same enables researchers to transform a probable drug candidate into a potential medicine that can be administered to patients safely and conveniently.  

Keeping in view, the need to generate skilled and efficient pharmacists, the School of Pharmaceutical Technology (SOPT) was established by Adamas University at the Adamas Knowledge City on Barasat-Barrackpore road. SOPT was set up with a vision to create and spread knowledge leading to quality healthcare professionals. The purpose of the university and the school is to provide leadership in pharmaceutical sciences and related areas. The Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm), Pharmaceutics program will be introduced in SOPT from the upcoming academic year keeping in view, the need of imparting and advancing the knowledge related to the science and technology involved in producing efficacious dosage forms and to produce pharmacy professionals meeting global standards. 

Our objective revolves around maintaining education, extension and research to the highest standards with an aim to generate a community of students enriched with wisdom by means of inculcating knowledge, skills and building the right attitude thereby, leading to the creation of a sensitive and responsive society which abides by the ethical and moral values, acts in a logical and rational manner and advances in peace. Our aim is to generate a workforce of efficient and skilled pharmaceutical technologists who will have wide recognition and acceptance for their technical skills, quality of work and mannerism of hard working.

Instead of monotonous classroom lectures, we favour the creation of adequate opportunities for the students to apply their concepts, investigate and learn. We ensure the organization of various classes related to professional and personality development on a regular basis, seminars and workshops, guest lectures and webinars for our students, annual student exchange programs with foreign universities. Our success not only lies in the outstanding achievements of our students with respect to academics but also when they receive university ranks and receive awards in poster and oral presentations, compete with efficiency in various competitions at the state and national levels, publish research articles, receive scholarships and pursue higher studies. Our students always look forward to extreme dedication and excellence.

The growth of any nation and society is determined by the extent of its industrialization and progress with respect to its economy. Complying with the advancement of technology in the modern era, SOPT has included M. Pharm, Pharmaceutics program to support the creation of proficient and trained pharmaceutical professionals through various areas such as performing research, making project reports, scientific writing, oral and poster presentations in various conferences/seminars, writing of research and review articles, skill development, taking challenging growth-oriented tasks instead of waiting for conventional jobs, etc. This will promote the development of our nation and will also curb the existing unemployment problems.

Program Highlights:

Realizing the need of pharmacy in healthcare and the role of the pharmaceutical industry with respect to the economic front of the country, SOPT will be starting the M. Pharm, Pharmaceutics program under the umbrella of Adams University. The two-year M. Pharm, Pharmaceutics program provides ample opportunities to grab theoretical and practical knowledge on various conventional and modern drug delivery systems. The program also enables the students to acquire research-based knowledge on drug delivery and inculcate the research mindset in them.     

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Admission?

A candidate must have passed Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) or equivalent with a minimum aggregate score requirement of 50% or more.


  • To provide sufficient knowledge on drug delivery systems.
  • To equip the students with necessary practical skills.
  • To provide necessary assistance to perform research in the pharmaceutical field.
  • To motivate the students to participates in seminars/guest lectures/workshops / industrial visits.
  • To educate the students in the process of writing research and review articles.
  • To foster collaboration of SOPT with industries and foreign universities engaged in pharmaceutical research.
  • To catalyze and promote skill development to face global challenges.
  • To mentor and guide the budding research scientists on different areas like preparation of project reports, getting project approvals from different funding agencies, etc.

What are the Thrust Areas of Research?

The research activities of the Department of Pharmaceutics focus on formulation science and drug delivery with particular emphasis in the following areas:

  • Novel drug delivery systems such as sustained and controlled release formulations.
  • Solubility and oral bioavailability enhancement using polymer and lipid-based approaches.
  • Nanopharmaceuticals based drug delivery such as nanovesicular, polymeric nanoparticles and lipid nanoparticles, etc.
  • Site-specific delivery and targeted nanoparticles of therapeutic drugs.
  • Application of Quality by Design (QbD), statistical design and 3D-printing technologies in drug development.
  • Exploration of plant-based biopolymers as excipients for developing different drug delivery systems.
  • Buccal and transdermal drug delivery systems.
  • In vitro and in vivo assessment of conventional and new drug delivery systems.
  • Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetic analysis incorporating bioavailability and bioequivalence studies.

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