Adamas Innovates Tech Solution to Keep Academics Running amidst Corona Close-down

Kolkata, March 16, 2020

Adamas University, rated by several organizations as the best university in the private sector in Eastern India, in keeping with the government directive on Corona Virus prevention, had instructed students to learn from home from today, March 16th, Monday, till March 31st. It has now further instructed faculty to work from home from March 17th, Tuesday, till March 31st, and teach online through the mix of several resources.

March 17 onward, all faculty of Adamas University are continuing with their teaching-mentoring duty from home through self-video on the summary of the themes to be taught as per the pre-announced time-table, along with emailing powerpoint presentations, pdf study-materials, case-studies, podcasts and video links, links of Swayam and CourseEra online study resources, etc. Students are also instructed to note their presence being sent to the respective teachers digitally through whatsapp and telephone and respond to the issues and topics discussed on email and whatsapp by the teachers.

A new learning management system where all the notified online study resources for each theme shall be available to the students (video, text, graphics, audio, links, ppt) within a week ahead. However, pending that, sharing of content through emails groups and whatsapp groups of each batch has started.

Since the situation from the beginning of April is not known, the University and its faculty pool of 256 faculty members (166 with PhD) is getting ready for a long haul of purely online teaching-learning-mentoring process ahead.

Noting the need for such a tech-savvy approach, the newly appointed Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr Deependra K Jha, noted, "This is in tune with the changing times and the exigencies of the moment. We were expected to have ushered in a blended method of teaching-learning from the next academic year, but Corona scare and our pro-active response have brought this sooner than ever. We are doing our best to turn our disadvantage into an advantage and creating a powerful Knowledge Management System to upscale our teaching-learning pedagogy through digital means."