Adamas Offers Its Campus To The Govt To Fight Corona

Kolkata, March 28: Adamas University, rated by several organizations as the best university in the private sector in Eastern India, in keeping with the state government’s plea to extend help to its Emergency Relief Fund either in cash or in kind has offered a large portion of its Barasat campus to set up a temporary hospital. Other than contributing 10 lakhs to the Relief Fund, the Chancellor has proposed to offer a huge area within its campus for setting up temporary hospital by the government for treating Corona Virus affected patients.

Adamas is now among the largest private universities in Bengal. No other university has this kind of an infrastructure. According to the proposal by the Chancellor Prof. Samit Ray, the campus can house at least 30 physicians with their families. Other than that, it has the provision to provide hostel facilities for 600 nurses. An emergency hospital of 1000 beds can also be arranged in this area.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chancellor Prof. Samit Ray said, “Right now the situation is very critical. We all need to help the government either by providing finance or infrastructure. We are all ready to face the situation together.”  

Located strategically on Nilgunj Road of Barasat, this campus can cater to the needs of North 24 Parganas.



Adamas University is rated the Best Private University in Eastern India and was established with the intention to provide a solution to all educational needs under one roof. It aims to facilitate an environment for students that will not just arm them with the right kind of knowledge, but also develop them as well rounded members of society. Adamas University is spread across 9 schools of study along with its School of Professional Studies that prepares students for various competitive examinations along with skill development. With a wide gamut of programs from Diploma till Doctorate, the University is ranked as the best private University in East India.