Adamas University 3rd Annual Convocation

Adamas University Holds its Third Convocation

Kolkata, 22 January 2020 - In a glittering ceremony, Adamas University today held its 3rd Convocation. 243 Under Graduates and 63 Post Graduate students received their degrees. In addition, 50 students of the School of Pharmaceutical Technology received their Diploma. Ms. Ruma Acharya, technocrat and philanthropist, was conferred with D. Sc. Honoris Causa.

The Chief Guest on this solemn occasion was Shri Arjun Malhotra, well known An Indian entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist, Co-founder of HCL Group, and presently Chairman of Evolko Inc., Santa Clara, USA. The Guest of Honour was Prof. Lallit Anand, Warren and Towneley Rohsenow Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Delivering his valedictory address, the Vice Chancellor of Adamas University, Professor Madhusudhan Chakraborty, thanked all the invited guests, students and their parents, teaching and non-teaching staff of Adamas University, for making the Convocation a success. He delineated all the achievements of the University during the past academic year, specially emphasizing those occasions when students of Adamas University have triumphed. The University, Professor Chakraborty said, has 34 Undergraduate programmes, 1 Diploma programme and 30 Postgraduate programmes and 5 Integrated Post Graduate Programmes. Immediately after commencement of the academic programme, the University introduced Ph.D. programme in various disciplines. Currently the University has 3237 students including 118 Research Scholars pursuing Ph.D. programmes across various disciplines.

Established in the year 2014, Adamas University is situated just on the outskirts of Kolkata in Adamas Knowledge City. The University boasts of a 120 acre green pollution-free campus, housing students and faculties from over 25 countries with an infrastructure catering to every need. A 24 X 7 culture exists within the campus with games and sports being an integral component of Adamas life.

Adamas imparts innovative degree programmes through ten Schools of Studies. They are i)Engineering & Technology, ii)Management, iii)Law & Justice, iv)Science, v) Life Science & Biotechnology, vi)Social Sciences, vii)Pharmaceutical Technology, viii)Economics & Commerce, ix)Education, and x)Media, Communication & Fashion.

The integration of vocation and employment-oriented goals in academic educational programs are perhaps the only way forward. Keeping this in mind, a School dedicated entirely for training students for competitive examinations for top level government jobs, named Adamas Institute of Professional Studies, is also housed in the campus.

Speaking on the occasion, Chancellor of Adamas University, Professor Samit Ray congratulated all the students and their parents. He said: “We are always striving to achieve more and enhance our reputation nationally and internationally. In particular, we are keen to develop new courses to attract a wider range of students, particularly at postgraduate level. In order to do so, we are always on the lookout for exceptional teachers and trainers, both from the academia and the industry.”

Recognizing the need respond to rapid technological change and increasing global competition in the education sector, Adamas University has entered into collaborations with more than 41 universities across the globe. On a regular basis, the Faculty and students avail the opportunity of interacting with global academicians.

The current instructional models and curricula of most colleges and universities are not designed to facilitate integrated vocational and academic skill development or support the complex life-work-education balance, but rather to deliver instruction in narrow compartments. Adamas University has taken up that challenge to design an education system where the students experience life’s realities and are able to make some sense of what they are about to face in the real world. A system where the student is able to pursue some form of real work and is able to learn simultaneously, would exponentially build his skills and enhance his market value. No wonder, Adamas has been ranked as the top University in Esatern and North-eastern India.

Some of the other accolades conferred upon Adamas during the last few years are:
• Engineering & Technology Program ranked amongst TOP 4 Institutions in Eastern India by Times Engineering Survey
• Business Administration School ranked amongst TOP 75 Institutions across India by Times of India Survey
• ABP News National Education Awards 2019 – Most Innovative University 2019
• Education World - Grand Jury Awards 2019-20 for Sports & Co-curricular Education
• Zee 24 Ghanta – Awarded the University with Best Education Infrastructure in 2019
• ABP – Education Excellence Award – Best Private University 2018
• Zee 24 Ghanta – Education Excellence Award – Best Knowledge City 2018 & 2017
• ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India) – Education Excellence Award – Best Private University 2017

In keeping with the sporting spirit of West Bengal, Adamas University has set up independent units catering to various outdoor and indoor sports. A number of state-level and national-level sportspersons are current students of Adamas. An exclusive centre of yoga and physical education with state-of-the-art gymnasium and wellness suite is also housed within the campus.

The Chief Guest, Shri Arjun Malhotra, shared various anecdotes from his life as a student and as a professional. He narrated how experiences have taught him valuable lessons in life. Addresing the students, he said: “Whether you go for an interview or write an answer to an exam, you need to make sure you have a different and more effective way of doing it. Unless you think about how to do this it does not happen buy itself. So be your own person. Do not try and be someone else. Every individual is unique. You are unique. There is only one you.”

Apart from keeping abreast with current trends and perspectives in higher education, Adamas endeavors to effectively harness knowledge and technology in teaching, learning, and practical skill development. This has led to an environment resulting in quite a few of Adamas students exploring entrepreneurial careers, often with a focus on social enterprise. The festivities of the convocation being held today, will be continued tomorrow, where the University will be formally honouring all those students who have received placement offers. From the current batch of passing out students, a total of 105 have been offered lucrative placements from national and multinational organizations.

John, a student of School of Social Sciences, who received his degree today, was elated. Displaying his certificate, he said; “Being from North-East, I was a little worried of how I would be able to assimilate in the environment of Adamas. Well, after three years, I have made more friends here than at my school. I have already taken admission to pursue my PG from Adamas as well”.

The Convocation concluded in the evening, as the whole campus was lit up brightly. It reflected the happiness in the minds of everyone - the successful students, the proud parents and, the happy teachers, whose sincere efforts have not gone in vain.