Adamas University announces its 5th Annual Convocation Ceremony


Adamas University is holding its 5th Convocation (Graduation Ceremony) on 23 April, 2022.

The University feels proud to announce that at the Convocation, 16 gold medals, 22 silver medals, 135 post-graduate degrees, 828 graduate degrees, 65 diplomas, 3 MPhil and 15 PhD degrees will be awarded.

The Convocation Address will be delivered by the Chief Guest at the occasion, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran, Rector, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey.The Guests of Honour will be Dr. Aleksandra Jaskólska, University of Warsaw, Poland, Dr. Badre Abdeslam, Professor, Mohammad V University, Rabat, Morocco and Dr.  Paul Richardson, Bath Spa University, UK.

Convocation is a very special day in the academic calendar of a University. It marks the culmination of a phase of learning, where the University officially declares that the student is now ready, as a worthy citizen, to face and contribute to the world at large. Convocation is the formal occasion where the teachers deliver the final advice and blessings for further journey that student is embarking upon. It is a day of celebration for graduating students and their parents.

Adamas University is on a continuous journey – a journey to remain remain focused on the University vision – that of academic excellence, student outcomes, growth and diversification in new areas and strong industry partnerships.  The Convocation marks the end of one year of this journey and the commencement of the next.