Adamas University Hosts Spectacular Adinova 2024 Festival

Adamas University once again showcased its vibrant spirit and creative energy as it hosted the annual extravaganza, Adinova 2024, on the 12th and 13th of February. The two-day festival celebrated with fervor and enthusiasm, featured a diverse range of interactive events and competitions, captivating participants and audiences alike.

The first day, Monday, witnessed an array of interactive events and competitions that engaged the students and spectators alike. Events such as Bioscope, Magiquill, Inquisitive, Sound of Music, VoxPop, Life on Campus, “Danceation,” Musicorum Club, and Kissewala Club-Play filled the air with music, dance, drama, and more. The highlight of the day was the exceptional performance by Anurag Halder, a renowned singer, who left an indelible mark on the audience with his mesmerizing performance.

The festivities continued on the second day, featuring a plethora of competitions and plays that showcased the diverse talents of the university's students. The Model Making Competition, Group Dance Competition, Nukkad—Street Play, Valley of Voice Recitation, Ramp on Fire—Fashion Show, and Jhankar Club were some of the events that kept the excitement levels soaring. The evening was graced by the presence of the renowned Bollywood playback singer, Amit Mishra, who took the stage and enthralled the audience with his soulful tunes, leaving them grooving to the rhythm.

Adinova 2024 not only provided a platform for students to showcase their talents but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and creativity on the campus. As Adinova 2024 came to a close, participants and spectators alike left with memories of an unforgettable celebration of talent, creativity, and community spirit. With each passing year, Adamas University's annual festival continues to raise the bar, setting new standards for excellence and innovation in campus events.